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Nightmare Fuel / Coreline Operation Endgame

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  • White Martians are used by Chimera to infiltrate all of the world's superhero teams. They can look like anyone, acting exactly like them and even replicate their powers to the point where it is all but impossible to detect their presence. They can be anywhere, and go completely unnoticed. And they can do virtually anything to advance Chimera's agenda, and you wouldn't know about it until it's too late...
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  • The Portal Guns reacting with the Avengers Mansion Pym Particles and causing the size of rooms to fluctuate greatly. Mari is nearly crushed by one of the rooms contracting when she's in it.
  • CHIMERA: an alliance of Bad Guy organizations, a massive army of evil, which managed to get its pieces in place and fire off a crippling first shot, pretty much nearly conquering a big chunk of the world. If you have read Old Man Logan, you know how the aftermath of a scheme like this looks like... it is a very good thing that they didn't succeed.

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