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Nightmare Fuel / Brave New World (Pokémon)

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  • Chobin and Prof. Tarantulas ARE this trope.
  • Almost the ENTIRETY of the Tree of Life saga, and any scene in the Nihilators base, especially in Tarantulas' lab.
  • What the Nihilators do to torture Dawn. The heroes don't even see any of it when she has to relive the experience in her mind.
  • James's death at the hands of Leviathan. Made worse because being immortal let him live through being gibbed by the final attack.
  • How Bellum's group decorates the tracks of Dusty Ditch.
    • Which is one upped by Oblivion's Shadow's display in Chapter 61
  • Ash's nightmare in Chapter 54. Good lord. Word Of God states it was inspired by Dead Space 2
  • Oblivion's Shadow proves he's NOT screwing around during his display in Chapter 61. He highlights that by ripping out a hapless Pokemon's Aura. It's not pleasant.