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Nightmare Fuel / Dust And Echoes

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  • The Prologue opens in media res, as the Covenant is attacking Remnant — and it quickly degenerates in a three-way melee between the aliens, the Huntsmen and the Grimm.
    • The Covenant are freaked by the Grimm. It says everything you need to know about the "Shadow Beasts".
    • And it ominously ends on Salem about to adress the Prophets of Truth, Mercy and Regret as an equal.
  • Chapter 2 opens with a Grimm attack — in the point-of-view of a victim, who desperately tries to run to safety only to fail and be mangled by a Beowolf.
  • All of Remnant's utter terror when they learn about the spaceship orbiting around their planet. The quite obviously military spaceship. Is that an alien invasion? Is that a mere refugee ship? And if the "aliens" are well-intentioned, why is their craft so visibly damaged by brutal attacks? What do they want?!
    • All of this paranoia pushes the Grimm to effectuate violent incursions — remember that they feed on negative emotions, and a worldwide fear-wave would only embolden them...
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    • Ozpin pointing that the spaceship wouldn't even have to fire their guns to destroy Remnant. They are parked right besides the shattered moon, after all, and all these broken parts of the satellite are ammunition aplenty for a Colony Drop.
  • Naturally curious about this new world, the UNSC Everest sends several scouting teams to explore. They're experimented soldiers... and completely unprepared to handle the Grimms. Half of the teams never come back to the ship.
    • The teams also are placed before a Sadistic Choice: see, they want to stay incognito as long as the command doesn't officially contact Remnant, but several human settlements are about to be ravaged by the Grimms and there's no one able to help except for the Terran soldiers. Only one team chooses to not intervene, and their officer is shown to be haunted by her decision.
  • The subtle, pervasive Uncanny Valley of Remnant being so similar to Earth. Which leads to the greatest question: why is that so? Did someone took humans from one world to transplant them on another? Was it the first time? And for what reasons?
  • Haki Felt. Once a promising student at Haven Academy, her sanity slowly degraded from being exposed to raw Lightning Dust — suffering shock after shock that ruined her brain until she assaulted and killed her team and teachers in a fit of dementia. She managed to run away and entered Salem's service, whom she worships as a goddess and decides to serve by attacking the SPARTAN Blue Team. And she almost wins.
    • The reason why is is her Semblance, Murder the Time: it allows her to rewind time in order to take her opponent offguard, as suddenly your fatal blow has been invalidated and you've left yourself open to her counterattack.
  • The SPARTAN supersoldiers come off as pretty unnerving to a Remnantian, as they act much more like robots than people.
  • The brief mention of the Cult of the Ash Bride makes clear that some people know about Salem and worship her in order to be spared by the Grimm's ravages or commit various atrocities to prove their religious devotion to her.
  • No matter how much they want to be left out from the war, Remnant's people will have to participate as the Covenant won't hesitate to glass their homeworld merely because they're a subspecies of mankind and as such guilty of existing.
    • Sienna Khan feebly tries to claim faunus and humans aren't really the same, only to be answered back that the Covenant won't care about the slight distinction: they will only see humans with extra bits and kill everyone.
  • Qrow's anxiety as he's boarding a shuttle and desperately struggles to rein his misfortune-inducing Semblance in, fearing to cause an accident. If you're familiar with the Columbia space shuttle disaster, you know that even the tiniest mishap can cause the destruction of a space vessel with her entire crew.
    • After being put in a cryopod, an engineer notes this particular pod had a lot of malfunctions. Word of God assures it was mere annoyance, but what if the pod had been damaged to the point it would have caused grave injury to Qrow?
  • Exploring Eridanus II, the nearest glassed human colony from Remnant. The sheer Scenery Gorn and creeping realisation the entire planet is a mass grave... it's haunting.
    • After happening on a destroyed house, Qrow cannot help but imagine Patch Island suffering the same fate.

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