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Nightmare Fuel / Teaching Darkness

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Not surprisingly, given the game this is initially based on, there's quite a bit of unnerving instances throughout the chapters that have been claimed by readers as somewhat scary to think of.

  • First person perspectives of Dark's early memories have usually ended up as a cross between "Tear Jerking" and horrifying, especially when you see what sort of impact that had on his psyche in the later years.
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  • The implication of the idea that sometimes Dark doesn't see the same things everyone else does. Given that he's claimed madness, he could very well be aware that he's crazy, and half the time doesn't care. Half the time.
  • Dire from "Flux" was essentially Nightmare Fuel Incarnate at times, making attempts to joke or use puns while he was tormenting Dark, and later, Mephy.
    • One such occasion, he responded to breaking the dominate arm of one of Dark's personalities (Dark is left handed), with this: "Wrong! Now you're "right"!
  • Iblis' earlier demeanor is far from his current one now...
  • Sometimes, the situations that Mephiles (or for that matter, Dark and Iblis) ends up in, given that he's portrayed as an eleven year old child, can be really terrifying.
  • In "Relapse", it is strongly implied that Dark tortured Mephiles while the two were in their subconscious.
  • In "Rift", Mephy having a reaction to Iblis' memories when his Retrocognition powers flare up for the first time in a while. It's described as all of Mephy's senses being assaulted at once, to the point that he loses track of at least 20 mins of time (half of which he spent screaming), if Dark's description is any indication.
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  • Also in "Rift", Phee (Mephy's alternate Future self from 12 years ahead) tells of what happened to his Future Dark, and why he's traveling Time to find him. It turns out, Future Dark lost his mind after Future Iblis nearly died from a reaction in a Solar Flare that happens in 2020 and Phee's description of Future Dark's slipping grip on things is a bit jarring.
    Phee: ... I mean, he was there, but he wasn't there... He wouldn't talk, but it wasn't like when Kole was born. He wasn't doing it to spite us, he was just broken, like he forgot how to function. The last complete, coherent sentence I heard from him was 'He's going to be alright, right?', which was a week before he disappeared.
  • Another in "Rift" mentioned is a moment Mephy brings up from an off-scene incident, where Dark had, in a trance, spent a whole night feverishly filling his notebooks with nothing but black marker, crayon and pen, while mumbling under his breath. He then proceeded to cut them up with kitchen shears until they jammed. When approached by Mephy, his only response was "... I'm so tired right now...". Dark either doesn't remember this, or refuses to acknowledge it. Heavily implied to be part of his PTSD from Dire.
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  • In universe example, in "Rift", Dark comes to the horrible realization that, because of Dire taking his (well bodied) form to torment him, he now cannot look in the mirror while in good health without seeing Dire instead of himself. He's well aware that it's himself in the mirror, so this just adds to it.
    Dark: I don't mean I didn't recognize that it was supposed to be me, I mean that I look like him, and I shouldn't be thinking that because I'm me and I should look like me! It's messing with my mind, but it shouldn't be because I know what's going on, but I still feel like I'm going mad!
  • Dark's aneurysm from stress. While it's clearly painful from the third-person narrative, the fact that Mephy breaks down later while commenting the he has a seizure during it is a bit unsettling.
  • Dark encountering his alternate future self. Older Dark is clearly a bit unhinged.