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Nightmare Fuel / YU-GI-OH GX: Sleeping Beauty

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  • The prologue. In it, Yubel lays waste to two kingdoms in order to capture Prince Judai and murder Princess Alexandra
  • The summoning ritual which brings Yubel to Earth
  • Yubel's interruption of the presentation ceremony
  • Jaden's abduction
  • Yubel hypnotising Alexis and luring her to a hidden room to fulfill the terms of the curse
  • Chazz cornering Alexis in her own home, without her friends or guardians noticing
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  • The transformation processes from Yubel to Terror Incarnate and then into Ultimate Nightmare
  • In the course of the climax, all of the monsters Jaden summons to help him fight Yubel are subjected to a terribly violent destruction
  • Oh, let's just face it. Yubel is pretty much the driving force of Nightmare Fuel in the entire story.

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