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Awesome / YU-GI-OH GX: Sleeping Beauty

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  • After many years of trying, only to fail, Joey Wheeler defeats Seto Kaiba in a card duel.
  • Despite knowing she is not strong enough to win against Yubel, Dark Magician Girl goes back to fight her in the climax to give Jaden more time to get to Alexis
  • Yubel's transformations are awesomely detailed in a disturbingly nightmarish sort of way.
  • Atticus stands up to his manager so he can play the kind of music he really wants to
  • Yubel disrupting the presentation ceremony inspired a few awesome moments.
    • Sheppard shielding Atticus from the spirit's view
    • Dorothy, Mana and Fonda leaping to Jaden and Alexis' protection
  • Jaden gets his Crowning Moments whenever he defies Yubel.


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