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Heartwarming / YU-GI-OH GX: Sleeping Beauty

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  • The mere fact that all the main characters of the original series have found happiness after everything they have been through
  • Yubel finding enough room in her dark heart to adopt an orphaned and neglected Chazz and care for him
  • A baby Jaden's first instinct when he senses Yubel coming to the presentation ceremony is to want to protect Alexis
  • Jaden and Alexis singing and dancing to Once Upon a Dream as Atticus plays the song on his guitar
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  • Melissa Kaiba comforting her father and showing him her support when he loses to Joey in a duel
  • Jaden's strong dedication to saving Alexis from Yubel and the curse
  • The first thing Alexis does when waking up from the spell is recognise Jaden and embrace him with joy
  • After a tense silent few moments in the ending scenes, Alexis finally reunites with her family
  • Mana promising Syrus as the attack on Yubel's citadel goes underway, that once the conflict is over, they can start a relationship
  • Seto decides to be Atticus' new manager when it appears his current one is going to drop him from his clientele.

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