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Nightmare Fuel / Adopted Displaced

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The Trained Six fics (listed alphabetically):

     Batmare Beyond 
  • In this story, Suri is revealed to have used Coco as a Sex Slave, a revelation that prompts Rarity to sic Nightmare on her.

     Dante's Little Apple Surprise 

     Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers/Fortresshy 1.5: For(t) Pony 
  • Fluttershy's appearance caused Pyro, who had already created "Rainbow World" as a coping mechanism to deal with the horrible reality of their job, to start questioning whether or not Rainbow World is actually real or not.
  • Because of the respawns, Fluttershy becomes a Blood Knight with no issues over killing her opponent in grisly ways, even slaughtering her friends repeatedly after returning to Equestria, thinking that it's all in good fun, forcing the Princesses to alter her memories so that she won't freak out when she realizes what she's done.

     The Sparkle In His Eye 
  • The Cragmites started their genocidal rampage because they were so scared of the Loki that they felt that killing anything that they could use as a host was a better alternative to letting them possess others unchecked.
  • Nefarious sees a vision of the Loki possessing Twilight.

     The Technological Technicolor Technomare 
  • In Rainbow's first fight with the Wrecking Crew, not only do the villains show no hesitation in trying to hurt her, but she reflexively sharpens her wing armor when taking a swipe at Wrecker's back, paralyzing him as a result, which she is horrified by when she realizes what happened.

     You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 
  • Just the thought of Pinkie combining her Toon Physics abilities with actual combat training.
    • Pinkie Pie and Calliope going to town on Ares after he kills their father right in front of them. Seriously, Pinkie Pie's reality warping reaches such dangerously high levels that Zeus and Hades have to speed up Kratos' return journey so that his pony daughter doesn't end up destroying the world by accident.

The Not-So-Bad Guys fics (listed alphabetically):

     Order and Chaos 
  • Discord is the reason for the splinter timelines the stories take place in, as he accidentally sent Tirek somewhere where he could gain a lot of power, and all the ponies going through the Took a Level in Badass route in their new worlds is just to get them to the point where they can be strong enough to stop him.

     The Merc With the Moth 

     There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me 

     Three Kittens, Two Unicorns, and a BANANA! 

The Supporting Characters fics (listed alphabetically):

     Another Hatchling 
  • Spike eats Ridley, killing him for good in the process.

     Dragon Ball Zeeyup! 

     Dressed To Steal 
  • When Clock-La cripples Bentley, Coco uses her magic to give her the immortality that she wanted, then pushes her immobile form into one of the deepest ocean trenches on the planet. She doesn't regret doing so, and that very fact haunts her for the rest of her life.
  • Seft blackmailing Penelope by sending an assassin back to the night of Bentley's surgery, which causes Bentley to start flickering in and out of existence. When he flees, they're left with no idea which button calls off the assassin and which one gives the "go ahead" signal, and only a certain Cooper knight smashing the device ends up saving his life.
  • Seft becoming a Fell God and deliberately causing a Reality-Breaking Paradox by killing one of Sly's ancestors before he could have kids, causing time itself to start unraveling.

     Heart of the Dragon General 
  • The Ocean Spirit sends a literal Kraken to kill the entire Fire Nation Navy just to make sure Admiral Zhao doesn't kill his mate. Cadence vomits when she realises what he's going to do.
  • Cadence is forced to Mercy Kill Azula after the comet passes due to how her messed-up chakras have affected her.
    • Azula's Villainous Breakdown owing to her damaged chakras. Apart from having gone mad, she's also nude and horrifically scarred because of the fire leaking through her skin, and with her power growing but no way of controlling it, she's in danger of exploding and levelling the Earth Kingdom. No wonder Cadence was horrified.

    Mother X: Father 

     My Little Killing Machine 

     My Own Wings 

     On the Corner of Straight and Narrow 

     Sons of Damas 

     The Rock in the Gulch 

     Three More Things! 
  • Audrey, while friendly, is still a giant carnivorous plant, who has apparently eaten criminals on at least one occasion, the fillies even threatening Hsi Wu with it at one point.
  • The Rat Talisman ends up in an H.P. Lovecraft book, creating a facsimile of Cthulhu that escapes and starts causing destruction in San Fransisco, forcing the Enforcers to work with the Chans to stop it before it grows strong enough to summon the real thing.
  • Hsi Wu once defeated a group of mages and Anti-Magic warriors by basically stripping away the Earth's electromagnetic field and exposing them to unfiltered solar radiation, a spell referred to as the Unfiltered Eye. And remember, he's one of the weakest of the Demon Sorcerers. A later chapter reveals that he has spells capable of killing gods.
  • Apparently the Book of Ages, with all of its Rewriting Reality powers, has checks to its abilities that make it one of the less dangerous artifacts stored in Australia and almost impossible to misuse successfully, Hsi Wu, having made five of them, his imprisonment having been prompted by trying to make a sixth despite a cease and desist order (Shendu having had an army sent after him just for trying to access the complete record of what's stored there), says that some of them could tear the universe apart if misused, and is relieved when he realizes that Valmont is only going after the Book.
  • As punishment for his actions and what they caused, in the Demon World timeline, Wong is fully aware of what's going on, but helpless to do anything about it, being trapped watching the actions of his counterpart, who is Uncle's willing apprentice.
  • The fillies, due to their extradimensional origins, not only are not affected by the Book's changes to reality, remembering what things were like before, but the Book is basically feeding off of them to sustain the new timeline, preventing them from going too far away, and if their magic were to run out, the original timeline, the one that would have been if they had never come to Earth, would be all that remained. It's a good thing Valmont knew that he couldn't win...
  • The Chosen One needs to be a virgin for their powers to awaken, and if they lose their virginity before it starts awakening it will move on to a new host. Losing their virginity while it's awakening is bad news, Hsi Wu having created the Deja Vu stone to fix things after a previous Chosen One lost their virginity during this process, which basically caused them to explode, destroying the system and disrupting good magic worldwide.
  • When Sonata's "pecking order" command is given, she absolutely slaughters the Sehkmet cultists.
  • Wong's ultimate goal is to essentially become a Physical God by gaining mastery over the three types of magic using the fillies.

The Megaverse trilogy:

     Wily's Wittle Wub 

     Melody of the Future 

     Denouement Duet 


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