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These are stories about adorable baby ponies being Happily Adopted by Doting Parents. What else could happen?

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The Trained Six fics (listed alphabetically):

     Batmare Beyond 
  • Alfred is called "The Hero Gotham Needed" in a secret inscription on his grave. While Rarity assumes this is because he trained Bruce into becoming Batman, Bruce insists that it's because he was able to prevent him from falling into darkness and despair.
  • Rarity averts the McGinnis divorce simply because she's fond of Terry and wants him to have a happy home.
  • Rarity insists on Bruce reconciling with Dick because she wants to meet her older brother.
  • While Changeling (an older Beast Boy) not telling Rarity that the only reason he's never won a fight with Batman is because they never fought before Bruce retired is mostly funny, the fact that he doesn't want to kill Rarity's admiration of her father is incredibly sweet.
  • Why is Rarity interested in reforming Inque? Well, there are many reasons but the one that gets spotlighted is that she wants to give Deanna Clay her mother back.
  • Starfire and Nightwing are revealed to be married! Star and Rarity are delighted to be in-laws, with Star even cooing over how adorable Rarity is.

     Dante's Little Apple Surprise 
  • Applejack is literally willing to do the impossible to save her uncle.

     Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers/Fortresshy 1. 5 
  • Heavy is angry that his sandwich was eaten but instantly calms down when he realizes that Fluttershy ate it. He then covers her up when she cuddles next to Sasha for a nap while singing her a lullaby.
  • Pyro discovering Fluttershy and realizing she's real, not another of their hallucinations. They're so happy that they make an internal Declaration of Protection. Fluttershy even stays the same in both their views of reality to highlight this.
  • Soldier turns out to have a weakness for anything he would deem a Ridiculously Cute Critter but does his best to hide this from the others. He seizes on a loophole to declare Fluttershy under their protection, who returns his hidden kindness by kissing him on the nose.
  • Upon meeting Demoman Fluttershy copies his movements as babies are prone to do.
  • Medic notes that Fluttershy's presence is pulling them together rather than causing them to go nuts from lack of action.
  • Scout wraps Fluttershy up in his jacket and rocks her when she starts getting sleepy.
  • By Chapter 5 the group accept that they are becoming like a family. Soldier even puts down that the day is the first "Family Day" on the schedule.
  • Pyro actively suppresses his Rainbow Land delusion while cooking so he can look after Fluttershy properly.
  • Spy ruminates that the reason they all want to look after Fluttershy is because she trusts and loves them so freely that they want to be worthy of that trust and love. He then goes on to play peekaboo with her.
  • Scout's activity is dressing Fluttershy up as different animals, who takes a bit to warm up to the idea but eventually gets into it. Meanwhile Spy stops by and asks to join instead of mocking Scout, who considers mocking Spy as payback but notes that Fluttershy's presence has been good for the team and doesn't want to ruin it just for some petty revenge. The decision of letting Spy join in gets taken out of his hands by Fluttershy happily dragging Spy into the room.
  • Sniper brings Fluttershy birdwatching and notes at the end that he can't really invite the others to join him because they're just too noisy for his taste. But he gets the partner to spend time with in the ever quiet Fluttershy.
    • Fluttershy manages to call a lot of birds to herself, with the larger ones preening her and the smaller ones just nesting in her hair. She's clearly enjoying herself and gets them to hold still so Sniper can draw the scene.
  • Engineer discovers that Fluttershy is from another dimension, realizes that the people who brought them here will seek to use her, and the Red Team will not let that happen. He starts talking to a sleeping Fluttershy about the heartbreaking realization that one day she is going to have to return home and that when she does it will destroy them... and they will let her go with smiles on their faces and well wishes for the future. He believes that once she's gone they will become monsters without her and tells her if she remembers this from her dreams to not blame herself because she gave them a taste of heaven before they fall to hell, with the greatest honor they will know being that when Fluttershy one day has children of her own that she will speak of them and they will be remembered with love. A perfect summation of what being a father truly is.
  • Fluttershy's first words. She declares all of the Red Team as "Dada", barring Scout (who gets "bee buddha" or big brother) and Pyro (who gets "Mama"), and gives hugs and kisses all around.
  • The comments for Chapter 15 have Commander Firebrand offering positive feedback and Tats is quite pleased because he's a fan.
  • Fluttershy giving out nicknames to the daddies of the team. Special mention has to go to Soldier who gets called "Daddy Sir" and had to hold back tears at getting called "sir".
  • Chapter 19 has RED team celebrating Fluttershy's birthday. Highlights include:
    • The RED team thinking on how they've changed for the better because of Fluttershy.
    • When Fluttershy starts tearing because she's yellow not red the team huddles together and makes her a red uniform.
    • The team starts a swear jar because of Scout and Soldier figures that they'll use the money to buy presents for Fluttershy. Demoman lets loose a streak of curse words and drops a large handful of cash into the jar.
  • Christmas Eve at the fortress:
    • Ms. Pauling decides to spend Christmas with the RED team and they all get a kiss form her under mistletoe. Even Fluttershy.
    • Engineer manages to create snow for Fluttershy's first Christmas and Heavy dresses up as Santa with the rest of the team as the reindeer.
    • The gift exchange on Christmas Day has Fluttershy making presents for the RED team and Ms. Pauling. Most of her gifts are hats for the team but Pauling gets a corsage made of Fluttershy's baby feathers.
    • Soldier doesn't get a hat but he does get a gold star on his helmet and a promotion to "General Daddy Sir" with everyone saluting him. He doesn't even try to hold back tears this time as he salutes back.
  • Spike getting comforted when he worries over having to watch the others die. Rarity even gives him a kiss on the forehead.
  • Just how the members of The Red Team dote on Fluttershy.
  • Even without her memories, Fluttershy still remembered her friendship with Rainbow Dash, her first and dearest friend.
  • Saxton Hale came to truly care for Fluttershy, to the point that he would have ordered the RED Team to follow her back home if needed.
  • Pyro finally reaching "Rainbow Land" which is really Equestria that he's been seeing through the dimensional veil all this time.
    Pyro: I'm home.
  • Luna modifying the memories of Fluttershy and the other Equestrians so neither has to live with the trauma of killing their friends or being killed by a friend, respectively. She even gets some help from Engineer so Fluttershy won't have any chance of finding out through her scouter.

     The Sparkle in his Eye 
  • Rachet is 10 or so when Twilight comes into his life. He immediately takes to parenting based on Nana's example and everyone who meets Twilight praises his parenting skills.
  • Ratchet's reaction to Twilight calling him Dada.
  • When Twilight finds out she can choose who recieves prototypes of her inventions she instantly says "I pick Daddy!"
  • Ratchet tried to act as the Tooth Fairy to give Twilight some of the wonder he didn't have in childhood.
    • A Zoni successfully does act as the Tooth Fairy when Twilight inadvertently foils Ratchet's attempt.
  • Twilight starts thinking she's not actually real and is just a story brought to life. Ratchet reassures by saying that there is a planet with her people out there and he will take her there someday, giving her a Pinkie Promise to prove he means it. The beginning of his desire to build a spaceship even comes from this moment.
  • Neftin and Vendra get a fair trial, only the amount of punishment they deserve...and are adopted into the Sparkle Clan. Both siblings are in Tears of Joy by the end of the chapter.

     The Technological Technicolor Technomare 
  • Rainbow's delight that Pepper is expecting her and Tony's baby, bouncing around while cheering "I'm gonna be a big sister!"

     You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 
  • One of Pinkie's reality breaks has an effect on the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. The Elric brothers still pay the price for attempting human transmutation but actually manage to resurrect their mother who joins them on their journey to get back what was lost.
  • When Pinkie and her family decide to go after Kratos' brother Deimos, she pays for his freedom with cupcakes. When he tries one and says she overpaid, she nonchalantly says she can make more cupcakes before nuzzling his leg.

The Not-So-Bad Guys fics (listed alphabetically):

     Order and Chaos 

     The Merc With the Moth 
  • When Chrysalis breaks the mind control on Wolverine, he is sincerely grateful and slips into the role of Honorary Uncle with ease.

     There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me 
  • Moony is willing to die to protect her "cousin" Tara Gum, the daughter of Felix and Calhoun.
  • When Sid realizes that the programs are living beings he hurt, he does everything in his power to find a way to apologize in person.

     Three Kittens, Two Unicorns, and a BANANA! 


The Supporting Characters fics (listed alphabetically):

     Another Hatchling 
  • In the first chapter Samus has a meeting with the spirit of one of the Chozo that raised her. Said spirit reveals that all of the Chozo had intense guilt over raising Samus into a warrior and inadvertently rendering her unable to have children as a result of injecting her with Chozo DNA. The spirit begs forgiveness for their perceived sins, which Samus is all to happy to grant and notes she doesn't hold any resentment for how the Chozo have shaped her life.

     Dragon Ball Zeeyup! 

     Dressed to Steal 
  • Sly was only a teenager when he came across Coco and Carmelita wasn't much older. However both of them immediately want to protect Coco, even putting aside most of their rivalry for her sake. Carmelita even is legitimately sickened when she imagines what Seft has planned for Coco's home.
    • Carmelita also is legitimately pained when she realizes that the Cooper Gang were all orphans maltreated by the system and thinks on how her family has told her that the day she stops caring about things like that is the day she should stop being a cop.
  • Muggshot proves that he Wouldn't Hurt a Child, insisting that Coco get out of the way before facing Sly, even remarking that she reminds him of his past self and proving a man of honor when he's beaten fair and square.
  • Mz. Ruby is horrified to discover that Sly saw his father get murdered, explaining that she, Raleigh, Muggshot, and the Panda King had only intended to disable Sly's father to take him out of the criminal game and shuddering in horror and disgust when she talks about what their employer did to the elder raccoon, and graciously surrenders, even giving Coco her spell book so the little filly can train her magical skills and swearing a Pinkie Promise to keep her word that she'll be equally gracious and open with Carmelita.
    • Coco trusts the Pinkie Promise, which speaks volumes of her relationships before her deaging; since she's only met Pinkie a handful of time, she doesn't know her well but trusts her because Rarity does. Or alternately, if this is pre-meeting-Rarity Coco, Pinkie is such a force for good and truth in the multiverse that anyone evoking a Pinkie Promise holds honor as their most valuable possession.
  • The Panda King manages to be a man of honor, fighting fair when he wants Sly to prove himself as a Cooper and insisting that Coco not hear the Awful Truth about her grandparents' murder at her current age.
  • Muggshot and Mz. Ruby (make that Ms. Ruby) are dating!
  • Carmelita's reputation being tarnished by the Contessa is sad. Her deciding to join the Cooper Gang permanently because of it? Deliciously heartwarming!
  • Scrooge McDuck is an old friend of the Coopers and insists that Coco call him "Uncle Scrooge". Coco even makes friends with the triplets.
  • Murray and Jing King seem to have really hit it off.
  • Henriette and Kyubi seem wistfully happy that their descendants come from a time where mercy is an option.
  • Penelope doesn't make her canon Face–Heel Turn and is instead blackmailed. She also happily rejoins the Cooper gang when they get rid of the threat pitting her against them.
  • Towards the end the 40 thieves arc, Coco finally starts calling Penelope her aunt!
  • Clockwerk came about because the woman he loved was killed due to the actions of the foolish man she had been coerced into marrying by her social climber father but in the end, she took him to Paradise because Paradise wasn't Paradise for her if he wasn't there.
  • Coco and the Coopers' work in Equestria is continuing their Just Like Robin Hood shtick and their main donation fund is for an orphanage that takes in orphans that don't fit anywhere else...and it is there where Coco finds a little griffin who's half owl and half raccoon...just like Klaw and Clara's hypothetical child. She promptly takes her in.

     Heart of the Dragon General 
  • Even if it didn't end well, Cadence refused to let her uncle and cousin Zuko fight each other because she knew how badly it could break them.

    Mother X: Father 
  • This simple statement from Moondancer when her adoptive father tells her that since she doesn't know his project or him very well, it might upset her.
  • When the Saturn spheres realize that the not-them creatures they've been attacking don't reproduce by exploding and instead have been hurt and frightened by their attacks, they immediately agree to stop, apologizing profusely.

     My Little Killing Machine 
  • Gilda's influence brought back the Caroline part of GLADOS.
  • When Chell and Gilda face off, Gilda restores Chell's atrophied voice box, delightedly talks about how family roughhouses and is genuinely concerned when Chell breaks down in shock over how well things worked out in the places of her nightmares compared to the hellhole the world she escaped to was.
  • The cake isn't a lie!

     My Own Wings 
  • Peppy took 10 minutes to stop crying the first time Sunset calls him "Gampa".
  • When Fox and Falco realize that their fighting over who's Sunset's daddy, a natural response since they're Friendly Rivals, is upsetting the little filly, they both sincerely apologize to her. Sunset, for her part, chooses Fox as "Dada" and Falco as "Unca Bahdi" ("Uncle Birdy")

     On The Corner of Straight and Narrow 
  • Trixie ends up ascending as an Alicorn. How does she do it? Saving her daddy.

     Sons of Damas 
  • Jak and Daxter both end up in happy stable relationships.
  • This story offers proof of how awesome a big brother Shining is: even knowing that it's all fake and even knowing Twilight knows that, everything he says to her when she chases off "Cadence" makes him feel sick to his stomach.

     The Rock in the Gulch 
  • Church quickly bonds with Maud upon finding her, even going Papa Wolf when Flowers makes a joke about the Reds using her for target practice. Especially uplifting in light of his origins and very much in contrast to the Director. Church truly is more than the shadow of a broken man.
  • Church calling Maud "My little pony".
  • Flowers avoids mentioning Maud in an official report and wants to keep her existence hidden for as long as possible. It's clear that he knows the kind of people he's working for and at least wants to spare a child from their interest.

     Three More Things! 
  • The CMC immediately take to Jade, even sympathizing with Jade's choice of Then Let Me Be A Troublemaker after trying to explain that she was distracted by all the magical creatures she kept seeing just got her punished more.
  • Even when Jackie is near blind with rage, he's still got enough control of himself to avoid killing in front of Sweetie and Scootaloo because he doesn't want them traumatized.
  • Even though Jade is cleared of punishment for the fight with Marion, the original ending (Jade teaching him martial arts for discipline) is retained and even expanded on by having Jade and the CMC running an official club for the purpose of teaching martial arts.
  • When Valmont and his new demon paramour meet up with the Chan Clan during their efforts to summon the Thunder Demon, said paramour hits it off with the girls, with the CMC reminding her of her lost children. Then when she mentions said daughters, Valmont promises that no matter what or how long it takes, he will find her baby girls.
  • Hsi Wu comes to genuinely befriend Jade and the fillies in his "Seymour" guise.
  • Po King finishing her banishment spell herself to stop Wong.
  • When Jackie banishes the Demon Sorcerers in fury, Po Kong throws Jade and Hsi Wu out of Shendu's portal before it closes.
  • Even knowing what Valmont has done and what price the Jade Council will make him pay for meddling with time, Hsi Wu still calls Valmont his brother.
  • Valmont and Bai's Christmas present turns out to be reuniting Bai with her daughters, who are all ecstatic to have their mother back. Plus, Valmont repairs their gems after their destruction at the end of "Rainbow Rocks", in a way that means they'll never again be vulnerable to the Harmony effect that originally destroyed them.

The Megaverse trilogy:

     Wily's Wittle Wub 
  • Megaman is legitimately devastated that he threatened Vinyl to get Wily to surrender and Wily in turn is furious that Dr. Light put him in that position to begin with.

     Melody of the Future 
  • The reveal that Prometheus, the upgraded Protoman, has named his three sons Thomas, Albert and Mikhail... after Doctors Light, Wily and Cossack.

     Denouement Duet 

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