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Please, do not include events that are from the original series.

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The Trained Six fics (listed alphabetically):

     Batmare Beyond 
  • Rarity manages to redeem Inque, Shreeve and Mr. Freeze by extending her not-too-insubstantial resources in gestures of trust and manages to utterly crush Joker's revenge scheme.
    • Joker gets points for, in the far future, being responsible for creating GLADOS through the same techniques that turn Harley Quinn into his loyal minion, despite being reduced to a microchip powered by two potatoes.

     Dante's Little Apple Surprise 
  • Applejack utterly slaughters Tirek, completely averting the events of the finale where he appeared.

     Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers/Fortresshy 1. 5 
  • When Soldier comes around being loud and scares Fluttershy, Heavy chokes him until he quiets down.
  • Fluttershy is able to see Spy while he's cloaked, with Heavy noting how useful this is.
  • Helen's plans for Fluttershy are of the sort a James Bond villain would be proud of. Not only is Fluttershy's presence going to skyrocket viewership of the show and potential merchandising but she also realizes that the pegasus had to come from somewhere, similar beings will be coming from there, and said beings won't do so until they have a safe way of returning which she plans to use for her own ends by following them back.
  • While playing peekaboo Fluttershy disappears on Spy, who searches the entire fortress for her. On the verge of giving up he discovers that she was hanging off of his back the entire time, managing to hide herself from a stealth expert.
  • Soldier spends his time with Fluttershy by starting to train her and creates a new bread monster to do it. Fluttershy easily tames the creature and rides it around while having it shoot a Breath Weapon at the nearby mountains.
    • Soldier gets a moment for sharp thinking when the bread monster apparently dies. He forgoes making another one to calm Fluttershy down, not wanting to teach her that life is replaceable by doing that. He does Take a Third Option by trying to revive the bread monster by tossing it into the oven and then tossing that into the teleporter. The kicker is that this not only proves to be Crazy Enough to Work but also results in the bread monster turning into a Chain Chomp.
  • While Fluttershy is birdwatching with Sniper she whistles for a nearby bird and gets a menagerie that includes several rare species, including a dodo bird! Sniper even notes that no one will believe him about this one.
    • After Sniper sketches Fluttershy with the birds she decides to color it in. Sniper is astounded that the colors are all the proper ones but that everything is inside the lines, something incredibly difficult for young children much less infants. She even grabs a shading pencil for added details.
  • Engineer created a tv that can show things in the future or other dimensions.
  • Commander Firebrand offers positive feedback in the comments for Chapter 15. Especially nice as Tatsurou admits to being a fan and this extensive project of his is getting noticed by someone who analyzes the fandom on a professional level.
  • Fluttershy's first kill. Promptly followed by her acing the entire BLU team.
  • Fluttershy figures out a method of essentially reversing the Overdrive so that instead of strengthening allies it drains enemies, something Medic hadn't been able to think of.
  • During a practice round Fluttershy hides in Heavy's pack to keep him in Overdrive and pops out to deal with sneak attacks like she does to Scout.
  • Fluttershy acts as a wingpony to Scout by getting him to act like a Cool Big Bro in front of a group of ladies. A knowing wink to Scout shows that this was entirely planned.
  • Saxton Hale anticipates and prevents Helen's plan of ruining the RED Team's Christmas with the following threat:
    "Disobey me in this, and I will hunt you down, break every bone in your body, feed you to the reanimated corpse of my pet yeti, and kill you until you stay dead."
    • Helen dismally notes that he signed the note with "Your Boss" meaning that he's set it up so he won't forget. If she crosses him he will dedicate all of his resources to following through on his threat regardless of cost just for the sake of punishing her for crossing him. And he will enjoy it.
  • Soldier gets Merasmus to help with Fluttershy's first Halloween and threatens him to keep the wizard from going overboard, which unknowingly preempts any plans of vengeance from Merasmus.
  • Fluttershy getting a kill streak on Rainbow Dash is mostly funny but she ends it by using the Stare and literally ordering to drop out of the sky.
  • Engineer manages to create snow for Fluttershy's first Christmas.
  • Celestia is fully prepared to kidnap Fluttershy and alter her memories if necessary to bring her back. The RED Team were perfectly willing to send their daughter off with a smile if she had chosen to go back but since that choice was taken away the gloves are off. Soldier destroys the respawner for the Equestrians and the rest of the team are content to let Equestria be destroyed rather than have their daughter taken from them.
  • Luna solves the problem of getting Fluttershy to willingly join them by offering to hire the RED Team so they can join her on Equestria. Even better is that she predicted this course of action being necessary so she set things up ahead of time.
  • Upon her return, the merchant that gave her some much trouble in "Putting Your Hoof Down" is promptly reduced to dust in the wind. (NO, she didn't kill him.)
  • Fluttershy laying down the law with Angel when she returns home.

     The Sparkle in his Eye 
  • Ratchet gained a place in Veldin by driving off threats to the colony.
  • Twilight is able to not only identify and correct a flaw in a developmental weapon but also improve on the design. The creator of said weapon is astounded and offers to give Twilight access to all in-development projects as a result.
  • Twilight, at age 3 and a half, becomes the single most admired and respected inventor in the galaxy. And that's just the beginning of her life of being awesome.
    • Even at this young age, Twilight was able to create the RYNOs, the most dangerous weapons in the universe. And later on, she turns Mr. Zurkon into Zurkon the Bearded, making the robot capable of using magic rather than just shooting lasers at enemies.
  • Qwark Taking the Bullet for Twilight.
  • During the Up Your Arsenal arc, Ratchet, Twilight, and Clank all decide to help the Galactic Rangers and the Q-Force by providing them with additional funds, equipment, and training, in order to ensure that all members of the Team are more capable of taking on the threat posed by Nefarious. It works, and, as indicated during the battle of Tyhrannosis, it leads to the Galactic Rangers mowing down Nefarious's forces with ease.
    • Also in this arc, Twilight's intelligence allows her to keep several steps ahead of Nefarious, ensuring that most of the encounters with him and his forces are Curb-stomp Battles.
    • She also manages to understand the way Nefarious's Biobliterator works after seeing it in action once, and creates the RYNO IV, a weapon so powerful that even she's unnerved by, and when she decides to disassemble the plans, Nefarious actually decides to give her the time to do so.
      • She even makes his Dragon Courtney Gears believe that he was going to betray her and kill her by planting and later removing a fake bomb from the popstar, in turn making her back out of fighting them and supporting Nefarious overall.
  • After getting and rebuilding the RYNO IV in "Tools", she modifies it with an ammo regenerator.
  • After Qwark's Disney Death in Arsenal, Ratchet delivers an epic eulogy that is also doubles as a Rousing Speech that encourages the Q-Force to band together and defeat Dr. Nefarious. It even gets Robot!Skidd to break from his programming!
  • At the end of Deadlocked, Ace Hardlight pulls a Heel–Face Turn, allowing Ratchet and company to evacuate the DreadZone station. The whole thing is capped off by this bit of dialogue between the Fallen Hero and his former boss:
    Vox: "And you think that accomplishes anything? I've just got you on a leash again, Ace! And with this noble sacrifice bit, they won't hesitate to come back to try and rescue you! They'll never escape!"
    Ace: Except for one thing, Vox. My HUD just told me that there's no living thing within the blast radius of this bomb except you and me now. Twilight and Ratchet are never going to have to worry about you again. I said I wouldn't hesitate to take you with me. I may be all outta extra lives...but you're out of luck. I'll see you in hell."
    • Even more awesome is that Ace actually survived this ordeal, and he returns to help out Ratchet and company again in the fight against Tachyon.
  • Qwark managing to heal a broken arm through sheer willpower.
  • Twilight managing to not only talk Azimuth out of trying to change the past to stop Tachyon's attack on the Lombaxes by logically showing him how it would almost certainly fail, or even worse, put Tachyon on the path to finding the Clock himself, but figure out a way to save Orvus and Ratchet's parents.

     The Technological Technicolor Technomare 
  • Rainbow Dash destroys an entire Skrull armada by herself.

     You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 
  • The epilogue sees Pinkie delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Tirek, all while singing "The Smile Song." The title of the chapter is even called "The REAL Smile HD".

The Not-So-Bad Guys fics (listed alphabetically):

     Order and Chaos 

     The Merc With the Moth 
  • Chrysalis successfully brainwashes Spiderman and Wolverine, permanently freeing the latter from mind control already in place and restoring all his memories.

     There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me 
  • Nightmare Moon manages to reorganize the Equestrian government to work better and dethrones (so to speak) Blueblood, all without a drop of spilled blood.

     Three Kittens, Two Unicorns, and a BANANA! 
  • Nefario is not only able to work out how to repair Tempest's horn but explain pony biology to pinpoint precision yet in a way ordinary Equestrian citizen Tempest AND non-native Gru understand perfectly.
  • When offered the chance to relieve herself of her memories by the minion Barry, Tempest carefully considers this but ultimately declines, saying that they're her memories and she has to live with them.
  • Margo is revealed to being incredibly intelligent, as she reads the original Greek version of the Iliad and Odyssey for relaxation.

The Supporting Characters fics (listed alphabetically):

     Another Hatchling 
  • While taking the Cutie Mark Crusaders for a flight around Ponyville, Spike uses his scanning visor to figure out why Scootaloo can't fly and comes up with a working solution.
  • It's Spike who gets to render Ridley Deader Than Dead, by eating his heartstone and purifying it, not only destroying Ridley's body but also wiping his darkness from existence once and for all.

     Dragon Ball Zeeyup! 

     Dressed to Steal 

     Heart of the Dragon General 

    Mother X: Father 

     My Little Killing Machine 
  • Gilda somehow managing to bring back GLaDOS' human side.

     My Own Wings 
  • Sunset is able to use the Great Fox as a staff to reach so far beyond expected limits that Krystal is barely able to explain.
  • In the latest chapter, Fox channels his first spell, and roasts some Sharpclaws that were planning on some fun with Krystal and Sunset.

     On The Corner of Straight and Narrow 
  • Trixie is able to help Max take over the world essentially via Rule of Cute.

     Sons of Damas 
  • Shining is able to snap himself out of a Dark Eco/Nightmare form by himself at a simple reminder from his loved ones.
  • With the help of the suspicious Twilight and a confused but willing Flash Sentry, Shining uses a mixture of Ogres & Oubliettes references and actual guard codes to come up with a plan to foil Chrysalis' plan, all right under her nose.

     The Rock in the Gulch 
  • When Captain Flowers makes a crack about the Reds using Maud as target practice, Church's immediate response is to go for his gun and open fire on the Red Base. That one action proves Church as a better man than the Director will ever be.
  • Maud as a filly is strong enough to crush the arm on Church's armor.
  • When Church asks Tucker to curtail his behavior around Maud and the latter refuses, Maud gets on the ground and states how much space is needed to pull a Groin Attack on Tucker. He balks at her being able to do anything, right before she repeats what she did to Church's arm on his ankle.

     Three More Things! 
  • The CMC and Jade make an awesome team. During the Snake Talisman arc, they manage to completely outwit Viper (who's quite impressed, to the point they're able to convince her to turn into an informant and unofficial agent for Section 13) and even set up a trick for the Dark Hand using Audrey's thorns as tracking devices and during the Sheep Talisman arc, Apple Bloom immediately notices Jade's strange behavior and with a simple touch, knows Jade's body is demon-possessed and alerts Uncle, enabling the Chan crew to stop Shendu's plan before it can truly start.
  • Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are able to give Jackie an epiphany about his anger; instead of burying it, he should harness it, advice that completely pays off.
  • Sweetie Belle had the foresight to get footage of Jade's confrontation with Marion, not only clearing Jade's name but also enabling the school to actually do something about the bullying because now they have clear proof it happened.
  • When the Rat Talisman accidentally animated a Lovecraft book into a facsimile of Cthulhu, Tohru, Audrey, and Apple Bloom manage to combine their strength enough to defeat it before it can summon the real thing.
  • The ending for Day of the Dragon. The Crusaders, Jade, Uncle and Tohru channel the power of Harmony - Kindness for Tohru, Honesty for Apple Bloom, Laughter for Uncle, Generosity for Sweetie Belle, Loyalty for Scootaloo, and Magic for Jade - to overwhelm the powers of the Talismans and make Shendu explode.
  • Tohru's mother turns out to be a magic user powerful enough to give Uncle, who is later established as strong enough to be a "4" on the 10-0 (from Muggles to Top God, respectively) Super Weight system the world uses for magical beings, a hard time during their spar.
  • Villainous example: when in need of a solid body to free his siblings, Shendu realizes that for all Jackie's skills and connections, he'd be a completely useless host and plans to possess Valmont, offering a fair deal in exchange. Granted, his siblings point out said deal won't do him any good if they take over but several readers praised Shendu's foresight and logic.
  • Scootaloo getting a boost from Raijin and banishing the Thunder Demon back herself.
    • Even better is that it was Tchang Zu's own fault it happened. Rather than follow Valmont's pragmatic advice he decided to play king of the mountain and knocked Scootaloo into the sky. Fujin and Raijin noticed and because of the Balance Between Good and Evil decided to bestow her with divine magic to counter the demonic magic she was hit with. And this is a permanent upgrade to her magic. So Tchang Zu's arrogance basically empowered the heroes with the perfect Weaksauce Weakness to demons and made his side's fight much harder.
  • Jade managing to outwit Hsi Wu in such a way that when he's summoned to be her Familiar, he accepts, knowing he'd been outmatched.
  • Tso Lan has a great deal of respect for his brother Hsi Wu's talents, noting that while he may be the weakest of the siblings in raw power, he is very good at finding ways to effectively use that power, noting a time he managed to defeat a group of mages and warriors with Anti-Magic sent to capture him by basically negating the Earth's electromagnetic field and exposing them to unfiltered solar radiation.
  • Tohru actually punches Dai Gui unconscious at one point.
  • Ratso manages to outwit the heroes and achieve the mission he and the rest of the crew sent on. One reader suggested he get all the pay for the mission because he actually did his job.
  • What Valmont does to Daolong Wong after the trouble with the Book of Ages. Wong finds he has been cut off from Valmont's extensive network of resources and meets with him to discuss things. Valmont basically tells him that after the stunt he pulled by attacking the Crusaders there's no way Valmont is continuing business with him. Wong decides to attack him only to find out that Valmont is now a Demon of Light, a Man of Kryptonite to Wong's shadow magics. Valmont gleefully informs Wong that now he'll have to deal with all of the enemies that Valmont has been hiding him from and the dark sorcerer has no choice but to trudge away with his tail between his legs.
    • Valmont prefaces all of this by explaining how incredibly shortsighted Wong was in attacking the Crusaders, noting that with the incredible value of what Wong sought he could have gained small samples from them in exchange for favors and still made off with a priceless haul. Valmont then further twists the knife by pointing out how he missed out on a chance for invoking Evil Is Petty where he could drive Uncle up the wall by ingratiating himself to the fillies. It's one thing to get back at someone for screwing you over. It's another where you get back at them by showing how the Card Carryin Villain screwed up at being one.
    • Valmont also makes it clear that he could just hand Wong over to the Jade Council to try and parlay some goodwill for himself but the sheer joy of knowing Wong will be on the run and looking over his shoulder until one of the myriad enemies he has made gets him is just too good to pass up. Either option would have served Valmont just fine so you know just how enraged he is when he decides personal gratification outweighs sheer pragmatism for him this once.
  • Valmont is on the chopping block for using the Book of Ages and it would have been the destruction of his soul. He gets saved from this thanks to Santa Claus interceding. Santa is able reopen the portal to the Netherrealm and bring Bai Tza back so he can perform a marriage ceremony between her and Valmont that binds their souls together. This keeps the Jade Council members that have arrived from punishing Valmont because the soulbinding would harm Bai Tza as well, which the laws of magic prohibit. Santa further reveals that he knew pitch perfect how they would act because the Crusaders Christmas wish meant he could just bring Valmont back to life so they had to act after the ceremony and had to act before sunrise, before the soulbond was rendered unbreakable. Santa does note they have the option of breaking the wish he's granted... if they can get past him of course. The Council members wisely choose to seek a more lenient punishment for Valmont.
    • Never has Santa's jolly laugh sounded more threatening and badass.

The Megaverse trilogy:

     Wily's Wittle Wub 

     Melody of the Future 

     Denouement Duet 

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