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With crossover shenanigans involved, it's only a matter of time before crazier things begin to happen.

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The Trained Six fics (listed alphabetically):

     Batmare Beyond 

     Dante's Little Apple Surprise 
  • Later on, during Agnus' hammy performance, Applejack begins to judge it. It eventually devolves into 8.8 territory.

     Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers/Fortresshy 1.5: For(t) Pony 
  • Medic teaches Fluttershy about anatomy with the help of a very willing Heavy as a literal live model and Fluttershy just can't resist playing around with the various organs.
  • Chapter 12, mostly because of Soldier's unique outlook:
    • His idea of quality time is training Fluttershy to start with, which he does by creating another bread monster. He also repeats how he has "done nothing but teleport bread for three days line" but goofs by saying "since chapter 8" first and wonders why he said that.
    • Their first course of action is to take up "retroactively previously prepared defensive positions" which translates into running away.
    • Fluttershy's plan for the bread monster... is to scold it like a pet. Which works much to Soldier's astonishment.
    • Soldier notes that he would never have tried diplomacy... only for Fluttershy to start riding the monster around. He promptly changes his opinion to her just wanting a ride.
    • Soldier practially goes Squee! at witnessing the monster's Breath Weapon.
    • Soldier's method of reviving the bread monster once it crumbles apart. He tosses the actual crumbs into an oven, tosses the oven into the teleporter, and not only does this somehow work but it also turns the bread monster into a Chain Chomp.
  • While birdwatching with Sniper, Fluttershy whistles for a nearby bird and gets an entire menagerie made up of rare species, including a dodo bird. Yes her gift with animals can even call extinct species to her.
  • While it could be considered Dude, Not Funny!, when Pyro's gender is revealed, it's immediately joked about.
  • Fluttershy disappears on Spy who goes looking for her while lying to the rest that they're playing hide and seek, with all of them laughing when he asks if they've seen her. It turns out that she was hanging onto his back the entire time.
  • Fluttershy starts speaking and declares everyone daddy except for Scout and Pyro, who get big brother and mommy respectively. Spy has a bit of fun ordering Scout to clean his room and Scout complains Spy isn't his old man. The stealth expert responds as such:
    Spy: "No but your mother might say otherwise." (cue baseball bat from Scout)
  • Engineer asks how Soldier created a Chain Chomp and upon finding out leads to this exchange:
    Engineer: I'm not sure whether to ask why or how.
    Soldier: Fluttershy was crying.
    Engineer: A valid answer for both.
  • While giving nicknames Fluttershy calls Spy "Poof Daddy" and interrupts Scout's interpretation of it with a cattle prod. Sniper also quickly latches onto "Bang Daddy" when "Piss Daddy" gets brought up as an option.
  • The BLU Spy shows up as RED Pyro but Fluttershy can see through Spy disguises. She responds by grabbing a briefcase and beating him over the head with it while repeatedly saying Not The Mama. Scout rushes to the scene and his biggest concern is switching out the briefcase with a frying pan so Fluttershy can continue what has become her new favorite game.
    • Heavy wails over missing Fluttershy's first kill.
  • Fluttershy solos the entire BLU team but most of the kills were done by complete accident.
    • Helen is shocked that her plans were upended and has a Curse Cut Short as a response.
    • Saxton Hale's reaction to Fluttershy slaughtering the BLU team? "I want one!"
  • The team start a swear jar because of Scout accidentally teaching a bad word to Fluttershy. When Soldier figures that they'll use the money to buy gifts for Fluttershy Demoman starts swearing like a sailor so he can fill up the jar.
  • During a practice round Medic and Fluttershy are declared non-valid targets. She figures that they can still attack though, to Medic's amusement.
    • Said practice round has Heavy constantly in Overdrive but Fluttershy unseen. Scout finds out why when he tries a sneak attack and gets killed by Fluttershy who was hiding in Heavy's pack. She takes being a "Pocket Medic" quite seriously.
  • Fluttershy apparently learned about mating from Lt. Bites. What shocks the others more is that she speaks animal.
    Scout: You can talk to animals?
    Fluttershy: You can't?
  • When Scout goes on about how Pauling as a lady deserves someone like Spy, Fluttershy asks is his mother was a lady. He internally promises death on Spy for that one as soon as Fluttershy's not looking and adds Soldier and Demoman for putting the idea in her head.
  • Scout wins Fluttershy a stuffed white rabbit from an arcade and she calls it "Devil Bastard". Given Angel's canon behavior...
  • Fluttershy acting as a wingmare to Scout, full stop.
    • The maid of one of the ladies that takes an interest in Scout looks like Heavy in a french maid outfit.
    • The daughter of said lady asks Fluttershy what her mother is doing with Scout and gets a blunt "mating" for an answer. The daughter proceeds to braid Fluttershy's mane like they're talking about the weather.
    • Fluttershy proudly declares herself a pimp when she and Scout make it back to the van. Scout protests he didn't teach her the word.
    • Tatsurou names the daughter Lauren on purpose, as he notes in the comments.
  • During another fight with BLU team Fluttershy stayed out of range by flying and swooped down to steal melee weapons while saying "yoink". She then sicced Chompy on them.
  • Soldier edits "Twas the Night Before Christmas" into "Twas the night before Fortsmas". It must be read to be believed.
    • When Fluttershy still doesn't know what Christmas is, Scout sums it up in a touching manner to disbelieving stares from everyone else. He huffs that he's allowed a sappy side.
  • Saxton Hale's threat to keep Helen from ruining RED team's Christmas is made up of things like breaking all of her bones, feeding her to a yeti, and killing what's left. The threat finishes by saying the last thing he'll do is fire her.
  • Soldier keeps Fluttershy from helping with Christmas lights because he's worried she'll get tangled in the cords. Half of the team fall from roof tangled up and as Soldier notes "we're trained professionals!"
  • Demoman gets a kiss from Pauling under mistletoe. As in a missile with a human toe attached.
  • The RED team dresses up as Santa and his reindeer. Hilarious enough on its own but Fluttershy asking Spy as a reindeer if he can really fly is gold.
    Spy: How high tall is the observation tower?
    Engineer: 59 feet from peak to ground.
    Spy: In that case, Fluttershy, I can fly exactly 59 feet.
  • Engineer gets Fluttershy to make a Pinkie Promise and for reasons unknown to her the idea of breaking it fills her with dread.
  • Fluttershy jumps on Heavy's stomach on Christmas morning to wake him up. He has to roll out of the way to keep the half-ton Chompy from doing the same.
  • Fluttershy gets a mini-minigun from Heavy for Christmas and names it Angel. You have to wonder how she names these things.
  • Spy's gift is a disguise kit. Scout of all people points out the logical problem that "she's a candy colored pegasus. No matter what disguse she wears it'll still be pretty plain it's her."
  • Medic apparently ran into the abridged version of Alucard one Halloween.
  • Spy's gift is a bowler hat, which he notes isn't really his style. He gets told to throw it and finds out it's an Oddjob bowler.
  • Helen uses some Loophole Abuse to attack the fort and gets the machines she sent destroyed by Fluttershy using her Christmas gifts. Heavy's so proud that he accidentally kills the last one with a bear hug.
  • Merasmus summons ghosts for Halloween. Chompy's costume is Pac-Man. Do the math and you get funny.
  • Fluttershy going through puberty. She repeats her anger from "Green Isn't Your Color" but she has an air horn for her voice and a rocket launcher for her kicks this time.
  • When the Equestrians come for Fluttershy the first kill she gets is Discord. She headshots him but doesn't get a kill notification and he casually regenerates his head. Her response is a Precision F-Strike about him being a cheater, just like anyone else who's playing shooter would when a certain kill does jack squat.
    • Her scouter has Fluttershy's cheer as a Sound-Effect Bleep. She's started swearing more because she thinks it sounds adorable.
  • Fluttershy gets a kill streak on Rainbow Dash. She eventually gets tired of killing the same one over and over and Rainbow Dash meekly tags out for someone else.
  • The traps that Fluttershy uses on the rest of the Equestrians are hilarious. Special mention goes to Pinkie Pie repeatedly eating cupcake bombs to the concern of her friends and Fluttershy who set it up in the first place.
  • The Equestrians can't make any headway on getting into the fort so Pinkie tries waving a white flag. Fluttershy is confused because she was never taught what that meant so she calls her daddies who do know what it means but also have no idea what to do since no one has ever surrendered to them before.
  • Fluttershy finds out about her origins and declares it's not the strangest thing she's heard. That would be when she killed the Grim Reaper and asked him how he died. The answer made her head hurt.
  • RED Team bursts into laughter at being called heroes by Pinkie. They then go on to list the ways that they are messed up.
  • Luna gains the RED Team's cooperation by hiring them but when Celestia tries taking charge Soldier insults her because he doesn't recognize her in the chain of command.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to what Fluttershy named her bunny and minigun.
    • Fluttershy offering to teach Discord about friendship... with explosions.
  • The Equestrians meeting Chompy. Only Luna isn't freaked out and doesn't see what's so bad... until she sees its tongue. She notes that she's fought and created untold horrors and what she just saw scares her. Even Discord gets spooked and hides behind Luna form that one, even grabbing Demoman's canteen to cope.
  • Saxton Hale comes up with the idea of punching his way to Equestria so he can see Fluttershy again. It works but sends him to a world filled with anthropomorphic animal Blood Knights.
    • Before he tries that he passes his tears off as "liquid pride" and orders the creation of a bomb based on it to see if it can turn hippies into men. Against all it works but has the side effect of dyeing hair with rainbow colors, which cues an internal debate over whether he should dye his hair like that or pink like Fluttershy's. He eventually decides on getting a wig of each and alternating while forgetting entirly about his plan to go to Equestria or his ability to reach there.
  • Angel intends to take his spot as number one animal back upon learning about Chompy, right up to the point that he actually sees what Chompy really is with the expected reaction for such a matchup.

     The Sparkle In His Eye 
  • Ratchet instantly regrets his wish for some excitement when Twilight literally crashes into his life. Orvus in the Great Clock even says verbatim "Be Careful What You Wish For boy!"
  • Baby Twilight accidentally explodes the milk she's drinking with her magic. And that's the actual liquid not the carton.
  • Ratchet makes some sound filtering headphones to deal with Twilight's crying. Baby Twilight promptly magics them off and into a wall.
  • While looking for books on how to care for Twilight Ratchet passes on one called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, declaring it useless. Oh if only he knew.
  • Ratchet creates a diaper changing machine to change Twilight but she hates it. Ratchet says that she can stop using it once she's potty trained. She promptly trains herself so she doesn't have to use the machine. The crowner would be how she zaps everything away and leaves it smelling sweet.
  • Twilight and Ratchet get into tug-o-war over his omniwrench that ends when he yells that she should get her own and she creates her own out of thin air.
  • Twilight tried to ease her boredom by taming a Horned Toad as a pet and reprograming Thunder Soldier at the same time. Neither works and she denies the two events being related.
  • Twilight gains restricted access on the Gadgetron website just by saying please. Even she's shocked by that one.
  • When asked why she doesn't work for Gadgetron Twilight responds "I'm only three and a half years old."
  • Twilight says she wants to make things explode for a living and Ratchet jovially asks her to include him. She's actually being literal and brings out the paperwork for Gadgetron. She's gleeful at getting to explode stuff but Ratchet points out that he's doing the actual work while she just designs, which leads to this line:
    Twilight: "I get to make Daddy?"
    Ratchet: "No, you get to make Daddy look awesome!"
  • Ratchet tries to act as the Tooth Fairy when Twilight loses her first tooth but gets caught in a trap that Twilight set for the fairy.
    • The best part is that said trap blocks teleporting and reality warping but the massively overpowered trap only caught Ratchet.
    • And she does get a gift anyway, from a Zoni.
  • When Twilight reveals she collected a total of 117,000 Zoni in the Zoni Vessel, all Ratchet and Qwark can do is react with Stunned Silence.
  • From chapter 207:
    Celestia: "So I ask again. How is Sunset?"
    Twilight: "Your daughter's hot."
    Celestia (whimpering): "Are you trying to give me a nervous breakdown?"
  • When Twilight Velvet meets her daughter's boyfriend, she has only one question: "Grandfoals!" When he points out that's not a question, she responds "Well, it's certainly not a request."
    • Then when she gets her wish in the form of Starlight Glimmer being adopted by Twilight through complicated time-travel shenanigans, she immediately freaks out about being a great-grandmother because Starlight and Sunburst have a son, even complaining that "this is not the flank of a great-grandmother!"
  • When the group gets ready to fight Tirek, Pinkie uses the Catchphrase of a certain Crazy Awesome school teacher. Spike and Nefarious then reference the show's opening theme.
    Pinkie: Seat belts, Everyone!
    Spike: Can't this be just an ordinary field trip-I mean, final battle?
    Nefarious: With pink frizz? NO WAY!

     The Technological Technicolor Technomare 
  • Hulk becomes Rainbow's nanny...with the appropriate attire. Bruce Banner is NOT pleased with this when he finally regains control.
  • When helping out Daring Do, Rainbow learns that she wants Iron Mare's autograph.

     You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 

The Not-So-Bad Guys fics (listed alphabetically):

     Order and Chaos 

     The Merc With the Moth 
  • The author gets called out by Deadpool sometimes, and at one point Tatsurou even alludes to his growing headache.
  • Uncle Fuzzy.

     There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me 

     Three Kittens, Two Unicorns, and a BANANA! 
  • As soon as Gru learns about Tempest's two names, he already knows exactly what one Agnes and Edith will use.
  • Agnes accidentally rammed a spoon up Tempest's ear once.


The Supporting Characters fics (listed alphabetically):

     Another Hatchling 

     Dragon Ball Zeeyup! 

     Dressed To Steal 
  • Apparently Coopers have a type: women who look like, and to various extents act like, Carmelita. So Sly has to deal with all of his ancestors flirting with his girl.
    • Humorously this lead to Tats having to state that Tex's love interest Valina is not remotely related to Carmelita and her being a fox/raccoon cross was just a joke.
  • Coco questions why her uncles T-Bone and Razor have a missile that repairs bridges. Several fans snickered that she clearly has no idea what their city is like nor what kind of trouble they get up to.
  • Sly gets flirted with by Henriette, one of his ancestors. She's openly disappointed when their relationship is confirmed.
  • Kyubi, Henriette's answer to Carmelita, not only proves to be essentially a male counterpart to Carmelita but pairs this with basically being a cop version of Captain Jack Sparrow and reenacts the "Why Is The Rum Gone?" scene while drunk.
    • Speaking of Kyubi, after the gang gets him back to the hideout and cleans him up, Carmelita and Penelope both show some attraction, and then so does Coco, who at the time is 13.
  • Coco tricks Salim Al-Kupar into drinking a virility potion and the reactions of her family are priceless.
  • After Coco foils Suri's scheme and returns Rarity's fabric, Rarity admits she should have seen the possibility and thanks Coco, saying she can see Coco isn't the type to do such things. Coco gasps and avows "Oh, I'd never do that! That would be stealing, and that's just wrong!" Then Coco's narration informs "I really could have done without all the derisive laughter in my ears right then...even if it did help me keep up the flustered act through the rest of the show."

     Heart of the Dragon General 

    Mother X: Father 

     My Little Killing Machine 
  • This exchange.
    Gilda folded her wing. "None of that!" she scolded. "Self-recrimination is a wasteful, pointless endeavor, not befitting a Johnson. You know what you're supposed to do when life gives you lemons."
    Chell managed a wan smile. "This is still a pretty big lemon," she pointed out dryly.
    "Then it will make a very satisfying explosion once combustible."
  • Whens Gilda first returns, Pinkie takes one look at her and thinks she is a Cylon.

     My Own Wings 
  • Sunset's attempts to get her own Ar-Wing don't go well.
    • Krystal not only flat-out refuses but she refuses to help Sunset convince anyone else; Sunset pouts.
    • Slippy just repeatedly says no. Then when she switches to asking "Why?", he scares her into waiting.
    • Peppy first distracts her with stories and then when she insists that she doesn't want a story, feigns being hurt. Sunset immediately changes her tune and stops asking Peppy for an Ar-Wing. The old buck is very smug about it.
    • Fox says "Maybe when you're older" and when Sunset whines that she doesn't want a maybe, asks "Would you like to go for no?"
    Sunset: "Maybe good."
    • At least one reviewer has said the above was spoken by a true parent.
    Falco: "Yeah...Like that. ...fighting good form there, though."

     On the Corner of Straight and Narrow 
  • Also leaning towards awesome territory, Max uses a stun gun as a defibrillator in the very first chapter.
  • Trixie's psychoanalysis.

     Sons of Damas 
  • After Shining reveals his Eco swords and armor at the wedding, Chrysalis was shocked, Twilight was confused but excited, and Cadence......could not be more pleased and seems even more attracted to Shining Armor.
  • A fight between Celestia, Luna, Jak and Shining Armor ends with no real winner other then the Canterlot construction companies.

     The Rock in the Gulch 
  • The fact that this story involves the characters from Red vs. Blue guarantees that there will be plenty of funny moments in this story. And let's face it, a crossover with Red vs Blue requires its own page dedicated to the funny moments:

     Three More Things! 
  • Meta example: one commenter is keeping a tab on how many times "Aiyah!" and "One More Thing!" is said.
  • Tohru's mother is a powerful magic user in this world, and once dated Uncle. The Pass the Popcorn moment regarding their fight makes it even funnier.
  • The Mother of All Battles arc involves the Yokanawa crime family trying to steal a jeweled, golden statue from the Japanese Cultural Expo, but after being sighted at the Expo, they mysteriously disappear. When Captain Black later comments on how "It's like they just vanished!", Audrey III belches in response.
  • The beginnings of the J Team involve El Toro being confused with a burglar before mistaking Audrey III for an enemy, Paco randomly showing up with El Toro and Jackie's annoyance with the situation being followed by him running like a mad man when he realizes he's shirtless in front of a very enthusiastic Viper.
  • Apple Bloom's defeat of Finn: she asks him if he's wearing plant-based fabric and after a long explanation, he realizes what her plan is and surrenders.
  • Black's conference call, in no small part because Black has no idea what's going on due to the change in the world, and a lot of what the others are saying goes over his head.
  • Jade is made the CMC's apprentice. Jackie starts having nightmares while awake about their antics...and is confused about why so many of them involve tree sap.
  • Jackie is the one infected by the chupacabra in this universe, and he manages to distract himself from the pain by thinking of Viper, allowing Tiger and Kitten to fight off the mental representation of the chupacabra curse's effect on his mind. What makes it even funnier is how El Toro realizes how he resisted, and Jackie finding out that his new fur doesn't hide his blushing.
  • The heroes can't arrest Valmont for releasing the Thunder Demon because he used the fact that they're in Hollywood making a movie as a cover, which allows him to open a demonic portal legally.
  • When the fillies tell Jade off for almost opening the chest with Hsi Wu's tail, they suggest that Hsi Wu could do something like turn his tail into mist and summon it to him. "Seymour" makes a note to find out if he actually could do that.
  • It turns out that the Demon Sorcerers managed to watch the Star Wars movies despite being imprisoned, but Bai was too distracted by Han's actor to pay much attention to the plot.
  • Jade and Hsi Wu getting into an argument over the alignment of his D&D character (loosely based on himself), who the latter describes as Chaotic Evil, but has standards.
  • Jackie finally starts flirting back with Viper, countering her question about following her up a mountain being about staring at her "fanny pack" with "It's certainly not a hardship" only to be thrown when she muses that she thought she'd have to crawl into bed with him for him to take the hint. Then a "He's not my boyfriend" Running Gag starts for Jade, complete with fan counter.
    • Jade can even tell when someone says that when she's miles away. At one point Viper is surprised that she didn't call to deny it like she did earlier, but realizes that they're too far underground for there to be a signal.
  • Jackie was the only one who met "Seymour" that didn't realize that he was Hsi Wu. Hsi isn't exactly happy to learn this, and Jackie is just confused by what's going on.
  • Black is a little less impressed with one of his agents now that he knows that he's Born Lucky.
  • When the Hyoudou siblings mention their father's "Oppai Dragon" title, the fillies (who know enough Japanese to know what "oppai" means) have a Spit Take and Hsi Wu ducks under the table to hide when he realizes who they're talking about.
  • When the choice of "Jade's play vs. dig with Uncle" comes up, Jackie chooses to use the Tiger talisman of his own volition. Not only is Springheel Jack repetrified without a fight but it turns out no one was fooled.
    • Viper blackmails Kitten!Jackie (Kitten and Tiger are now canon for the two halves of Jackie) into him and Tiger doing something with her and Sharaka in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut. Tiger is pleased at first but then he and Kitten both run out of the bedroom in nothing but boxer shorts (themed for who's wearing them) yelling "Bad Day!" Back in her room, Viper is...let's let the text do the talking.
    Back in her room, Viper glanced down at what - to her - were the 'tamer' magical 'tools' she'd sought to introduce the Jackies to...including one that had several wriggling protrusions waiting to be extended. "...think I overdid it, Sharaka?" she asked the Armor she still wore.
  • The mere fact that Santa Claus himself used to be Old Man Henderson.
  • The Under the Mistletoe moment from JCA canon is used, in which Uncle points out to Daolon Wong just where the latter is standing, causing Wong to freak out before Uncle blasts him. It's still just as funny.

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     Wily's Wittle Wub 

     Melody of the Future 

     Denouement Duet 

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