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With crossover shenanigans involved, there's bound to be references to OTHER pieces of fiction

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The Trained Six fics (listed alphabetically):

     Batmare Beyond 

     Dante's Little Apple Surprise 

     Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers/Fortresshy 1.5: For(t) Pony 

     The Sparkle In His Eye 
  • When the group gets ready to fight Tirek, Pinkie uses the Catchphrase of a certain Crazy Awesome school teacher. Spike and Nefarious then reference the show's opening theme.
    Pinkie: Seat belts, Everyone!
    Spike: Can't this be just an ordinary field trip-I mean, final battle?
    Nefarious: With pink frizz? NO WAY!
  • During the battle of Tyhrranosis, Twilight reveals that when training the Sparkle Squad, a group of four Galactic Ranger robots named Ironhead, Boom-Boom, Madd, and Eagle, she used a certain video game and programmed into them the personalities of the game's characters that suited their personalities.
    • Ironhead is based on both the Heavy Weapons Guy and the Medic, being both a Mighty Glacier and Combat Medic who relies on his mainly on his fists to do damage.
    • Boom-Boom takes cues from both the Soldier and Demoman, being equipped with both a set of grenade launchers as well as a rocket launcher with a trigger-happy personality.
    • Madd is based on the Scout, with a slightly brash and sometimes cowardly personality as well as being equipped with unique melee weapons and guns.
    • Eagle's programming is based on the Sniper, complete with sniper rifle and SMG.
  • The Sparkle Squad's Madd was programmed with the personality of a Klingon Warrior in order to make him less cowardly in battle.
  • A reference is made to Q at one point.
  • During their Vac U training, Twilight sings a verse of "Still Alive". Nefarious also comments that he likes "Want You Gone" more than the former song.
  • While sailing at Octonok Cay, Twilight, Azimuth, Qwark and Nefarious all sing "You are a Pirate".
  • As a Running Gag during "4-Gotten", Dr. Nefarious picks up signals other than the usual soap operas. Many of these have to do with a certain cartoon show that involves a certain MadScientist.

     The Technological Technicolor Technomare 

     You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter 

The Not-So-Bad Guys fics (listed alphabetically):

     Order and Chaos 

     The Merc With the Moth 
  • Chrysalis goes to school, and Deadpool returns to see she dealt with ALL the villains from Johnny Test.

     There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me 
  • Sid plays a role in this fic.

     Three Kittens, Two Unicorns, and a BANANA! 


The Supporting Characters fics (listed alphabetically):

     Another Hatchling 

     Dragon Ball Zeeyup! 

     Dressed To Steal 
  • Chapter 19 includes one to the "Pull the lever!" "Wrong lever!" "Why do you even have that lever?" exchange from The Emperor's New Groove.

     Heart of the Dragon General 

    Mother X: Father 

     My Little Killing Machine 

     My Own Wings 

     On the Corner of Straight and Narrow 

     Sons of Damas 

     The Rock in the Gulch 

     Three More Things! 
  • Sweetie Belle uses the "Higitus...Figitus...bigitus bum...Prestedigitonium" lines from Merlin's packing spell to pack away the books from the Lotus Temple.
  • Apparently it's entirely legal to open demonic portals for the purpose of making Hollywood films, Black citing Doom as an example.
  • One of the Hyoudou siblings is named Aku. He's fully aware of the comparison.
  • There's more than one Scooby-Doo reference.
  • At one point, Jackie converses with Jake Long.

The Megaverse trilogy:

     Wily's Wittle Wub 

     Melody of the Future 

     Denouement Duet 

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