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Nightmare Fuel / PMD-Explorers

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"Gotta give to get..."

PMD-E isn't just sunshine and rainbows. As a matter of fact, the story can get even more Darker and Edgier than the worst parts of the games it spawned from. This page is dedicated for dark parts of PMD-Explorers, from disturbing characters to horrific canon monstrosities.

Unmarked spoilers ahead

  • Inevitable in the Tao verse, there are pokemon that are omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores. This also means that since there are no other animals in the Taoverse, that Pokemon can and do eat other Pokemon. While it's frowned on in Tao Village, many Pokemon, including the guild members in Tao could end up as another Pokemon's meal. Even more disturbing, there is actually a sushi bar in Alomomola Bay, which implies that many pokemon find this socially acceptable.
  • Some of the prologue illustrations and animations can be quite disturbing at times. Blot the skinless Zoroark) in particular was regarded as very disconcerting, especially when he suddenly and unexpectedly lunges towards Devonshire - and, by proximity, the viewer, in the otherwise completely static-image-filled Mission 8 prologue.
  • The Grand Kec Micle Nomel, willing to chop off the tails of his son and wife for very rare artifacts. He is not afraid to do anything for the sake of the village, even murder.
    • Lethe Wept Part 1 has given GK gallons of fuel to use. After Ceylon's death, GK personally skinned him for his pelt for use of another mystical item, smiling and gloating about it afterwards. Later, after PK went blind, Mike interrupted a conversation of Brooke and GK, GK obviously eager to hear how Brooke cut off a Zoroark's head. Lastly, we have him clearly having enough sap for one of his loyal defenders, Perry, and him outright not using it. This proves that he will ditch even his closest allies for power.
  • Blight is Blot, but undead. And with multiple arms, a slasher smile to end them all, and a callback to a fourth wall violating close up.
  • Smudge, the 4th of Shade's children. As Shade's sacrifice to Darkrai, he's locked in an eternal nightmare (though he seems well enough off, as he can see the waking world, though no one who isn't sleeping can see him), and when he gets upset, his form warps and contorts in a way that ripples the 4th wall, and is ungodly disturbing.
  • Some of the most unsettling things are relatively mundane and drive fairly close to home. Shroomsworth was going to take advantage of mourning Pokemon by stocking up on and selling liquor under the shaky justification that they'd simply find it elsewhere, several characters have been assaulted sexually, and the story's many children routinely deal with death, war, and suffering.
  • In the story Resignation, it was revealed that all the Sneasals in his gang (as in every single member, himself excluded) were children. While children in gangs is bad enough, the subject is brought up of where do the other Sneasals go when they evolve. Turns out Slasher kills them as soon as they evolve to prevent any opposition in his gang.
  • During Mission 7, a mysterious pile of bodies had been dumped in Alomomola Bay. Chex sent a mission up a mission because Anana refused to pay because she was afraid the records would make her city feel unsafe. Here is the description of the bodies from Chex:
    Chex: "Some bodies are missing limbs. Some have been exsanguinated. Been trampled. Mauled. Clawed. Eaten. Drowned. Burned. Decapitated. Torn in half. Some are black and purple. Probably poison. I have no wish to stay here. I cannot warn the residents. They won't listen to me. I'm just a kid."