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Nightmare Fuel / The Rejuvenation Play

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  • As a warning, Cascadius sends a mercenary to torture Carrot Top and burn down her house, and murder Lady Justice and Mayor Mare. Fortunately the assassin wasn't as capable as Cascadius thought, but still, that was a warning.
  • Many of Cascadius' allies, but particular standouts are:
    • The Cult of Piggsicorn, being ponies who deliberately abuse their bodies to to resemble the pigs they worship, and what insight we get into their rituals are truly horrifying, including fresh-severed pig's faces used as masks.
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    • Gringore, a Laughing Mad Fourth-Wall Observer with a propensity for Chainsaw Good.
    • Corax, a cannibal in possession of a powerful artifact giving him control over ghouls, and in contrast to the heroic Madam Coldblood, doesn't restrict himself to eating monsters.
  • What descriptions we get of Glanders Gate and its master, Doctor Bittersweet. He has an interesting definition of madness, and is quite happy to use Cold-Blooded Torture and other "Negative Reinforcement" to cure the people under his "care", and the worst bit is he genuinely seems to believe he's doing good.
  • The torture Cascadius inflicts on Fancy Pants in Intriguing, particularly as it's deliberately intended to call back to the injuries inflicted on his parents.
  • The sheer ruthless efficiency of the murder of the old Bearers as they try and rescue the Doctor from Cascadius during the flashback to his attack on Laurelore.
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  • Fancy Pants' reintroduction in Lost Reflections is a nightmare where he's Forced to Watch as an undead and tentacular Nitpick attacks Fleur, tearing apart her and their unborn child as his parents scream at him for failing to save her. The last image before he wakes, screaming, is Cascadius' gas mask crying blood.
  • The Cult of Piggsicorn's shrine in Appleoosa is hoof-deep in blood (some of it very fresh). And that's just the start.

Alternative Title(s): The Rejuvenationverse