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  • Mayor Mare demonstrating the trapdoor she had installed in case Countess Glass returned to save Lady Justice by dumping the assassin into the trash.
  • Derpy standing up to Countess Glass to save Dinky, saying that if the Countess takes Dinky, Derpy won't care about anything enough that it can be used to stop her ruining Countess Glass' reputation.
  • Fancy Pants rescuing Derpy in You Shall Go To The Gala and delivering an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Countess Glass. By the end of it, she can't do anything other than meekly leave.
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  • The Doctor revealing he's Dinky's father to exploit Loophole Abuse and get Derpy out of the Countess' influence.
  • Celestia invokes Right Behind Me to get the evidence needed to get Countess Glass punished legally, and hands down summary judgement.
  • Fancy Pants's rescue of Fleur in the Canterlot Gardens, and Fleur herself managing to cast through a Power Nullifier, even if it nearly kills her.
  • Photo Finish's staff manage to compress days' worth of prep work into one night to give Fleur a chance with Fancy Pants.
  • Most of the cast of Intriguing gets one in Chapter 9, starting out with the villains near-effortlessly capturing nearly all the heroes, but in part 2, the heroes get their act together and, well:
    • Fleur and Carcassonne decide to go down fighting and manage to get away from Bloodhound. Carcassonne prepares to pull a You Shall Not Pass! so Fleur can get help when:
    • Cadance and the 3rd Palace Grounds Platoon show up. Cadance provides magical support while Shining Armour fights the far more experienced Bloodhound to a draw, leading Bloodhound to declare him a Worthy Opponent later.
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    • Timber Spruce uses his nurse outfit to get close enough to Arquebus to apply "Miss Screwloose's Special Medication".
    • Private Stumbler rescuing Blueblood's girls via Use Your Head delivered by way of Death from Above.
    • The staff of Briefly Manor and Aunt Bustle Bloomers manage to drive off a small mob intent on looting the manor.
    • Fleur's parents and the rest of Ponyville's adult population getting the Torches and Pitchforks and capturing Nitpick and his minions, while getting cheered on by the youngsters.
      • Even Stained Glass gets in on it, Obfuscating Stupidity when Nitpick comes to him for shelter from the mob as an ironic revenge for getting him committed.
    • Fleur vs. Cascadius: One spell, and Cascadius is sent flying out of the window.
    • Photo Finish possibly gets the most though:
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  • Pipsqueak pulling an I Am Spartacus on Morlock to save a pair of fillies he'd only just met.
  • Angel Bunny taking revenge on Gevaudan for what he did to him and Fluttershy. With rapid-fire boltguns.
  • Fluttershy, held prisoner by the mercs, is about to die when Lafayette interrupts. When a merc tries to blow his head off, Fluttershy pushes the rifle off-target, then crushes the backup bolt pistol with her bare hooves.
  • In the backstory, Hermione's Dying Moment of Awesome, where she tears out the throat of the goat warlord who has taken her prisoner, the first time in her life that she had ever hurt anything.
  • Another backstory moment, a Civil War amongst the deer, expected to last centuries or millennia ends after a week, due to the pre-planning of Wintermist Wolfsong.

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