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Nightmare Fuel / Remnant Inferis: DOOM

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Take the gorny brutality of DOOM, add in RWBY's Crapsack World elements, and let horrors await.

Warning! Spoilers off.

  • Things already start off horrific in the opening with a gruesome White Fang assault on an Atlas facility. The thoughts of the faunas show that they started out as kind and peaceful, but once Adam came along and brought about more radical changes, they became just as bloodthirsty as him. The dog faunas (Aiden Hansen), in particular, feels no remorse for anything he did.
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  • Once the Slayer wakes up, shit hits the fan for the White Fang, as he slams one's head into his pod hard enough to jam his nose into his brain, outright punches the jaw clean off of another, and blowing the head off the last one. The kicker with the one who got her jaw punched off? She was still alive! Even after something like that, she survived long enough to attempt to crawl to the exit, only to get her brains blown out. Aiden survived his initial attack and lived just long enough to witness all the above. All any of them can do is beg for mercy that will never come.
  • The nightmares that team RWBY goes through get incredibly morbid.
    • Ruby's is probably the worst of them. She wakes up naked, surrounded by blood, flesh and guts. She then hears a voice behind her, which turns out to be her mother. Before she can run up to hug her, it's revealed that this Summer had her eyes bored out of her sockets and has a giant, bloody hole in her stomach, indicating that her womb was torn out of her body.
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    • If that wasn't bad enough, she then tries to drown her daughter in blood and rot, all while her daughter begs for help.
      Summer: Please, Ruby. Come rot in Hell with me.
  • The cults are horrific enough on there own with sacrificing anyone to bring demons to Remnant, but the fact that almost anyone can be a member of these cults is Paranoia Fuel at it's most disturbing. The person right next to you could be a cultist just waiting to sacrifice you for a ritual, and you don't even know it.
  • The Marauder. A terrifying, demonic version of the Slayer, bearing the appearance of a demon/human hybrid. Imagine the ferocity and power of the Slayer in the hands of a demon. That's the Marauder.
    • It took the Slayer everything he had just to snap his neck! What happens next? The Marauder just gets back up and twists his neck back into place!

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