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Nightmare Fuel / Remnant Inferis: DOOM

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"Team SSSN had thought they had seen the extent of what evil was capable of during the demonic invasion of Haven Academy. How naïve they had been."
Team SSSN's collective thoughts in Chapter 27.

Take the gorn-filled brutality of DOOM, add in RWBY's Crapsack World elements, and let horrors await. Here lies the Nightmare Fuel for Remnant Inferis: DOOM.

Warning! In accordance with Wiki policy, all spoilers are unmarked.


  • Once the Slayer wakes up, shit hits the fan for the White Fang, as he slams one's head into his pod hard enough to jam his nose into his brain, outright punches the jaw clean off of another, and blows the head off the last one. The kicker with the one who got her jaw punched off? She was still alive! The only thing she could do was desperately crawl away as the Slayer splattered her brains all over the floor. And just a friendly reminder, the character subjecting the White Fang to all this brutality is the good guy!
  • The Marysville Cathedral. Picture a ritualistic mass suicide where men, women, and children slit their throats, leaving an entire church of corpses rotting in death and decay.
  • The nightmares that Team RWBY goes through get incredibly morbid. In order:
    • Ruby's is probably the worst of them. In Chapter 11, she wakes up naked, surrounded by blood, flesh and guts. She then hears a voice behind her, which turns out to be her mother. Before she can run up to hug her, it's revealed that this Summer had her eyes bored out of her sockets and has a giant, bloody hole in her stomach, indicating that her womb was torn out of her body!
      Summer: Please, Ruby. Come rot in Hell with me.
      • If that wasn't bad enough, she then tries to drown her daughter in blood and rot, all while her daughter begs for help that never comes.
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    • In Blake's nightmare, the Slayer, in his DOOM Eternal suit, kills everyone in the White Fang, including her father and Ilia in front of her. After that, undead White Fang members catch her and just before being killed, she sees Adam's reflection in the Slayer's visor instead of her own.
    • Weiss' dream is that she was defeated by the Arma Gigas and had to submit to her father's will. After that her father, flanked by Classic Doom's Imps, reveals that he sold the world to the demons. Just before being killed she had to watch Atlas being destroyed by Hell.
    • Yang's nightmare in Chapter 21 is tamer, but having her stepmother killed in front of her by an Imp's arm that comes out of nowhere is very disturbing.
  • The cults are horrific enough on there own with sacrificing anyone to bring demons to Remnant, but the fact that almost anyone can be a member of these cults is Paranoia Fuel at it's most disturbing. The person right next to you could be a cultist just waiting to sacrifice you for a ritual, and you don't even know it.
    • Not only that, but the cults are really charismatic, convincing an entire city to just allow everyone to be sacrificed to Hell.
  • The fact that a single wrong word in the demonic rituals can kill the cultists is also terrifying. The cultists in the cathedral misread a syllable, and it alone was enough to kill everyone in the room with the exception of Fiola.
    • That being said, it was a good thing, because if he hadn’t misread the texts, a real gore nest and a portal would be created. In other words, Remnant just survived this one through sheer dumb luck.
  • The Marauder. A terrifying, demonic version of the Slayer, bearing the appearance of a demon/human hybrid. Imagine the ferocity and power of the Slayer in the hands of a demon. That's the Marauder.
    • It took the Slayer everything he had just to snap his neck! What happens next? The Marauder just gets back up and twists his neck back into place!
    • Seconds after having his neck twisted back into place, he was ran over by an combat APC, but hours latter he was together with a group of possessed Atlas soldiers in Bullheads. Yang even says that he is stronger than the Slayer. We'd like to repeat that. There is a demon stronger than the Doom Slayer!
    • Even more horrifying? He's out of Hell and on Remnant! God have mercy on whoever runs into him...
  • The demons and the cultists turned every other evil faction into a minor evil, because they're an unexpected opponent and far more evil, intelligent, and cruel.
    • The Grimm are dangerous in great numbers and the older they are, the more intelligent they become, but they're nothing near the demons, because with the exception of the normal possessed all demons are more intelligent than normal Grimm, and while all huntsman in Remnant train for their entire lives to fight the Grimm, almost no one knew about the demons until some weeks in-universe.
    • Scarier still is what the demons do to the Grimm. They have no souls and can be possessed easier than any human. Their bodies can be manipulated like clay; in chapter 15 an Alpha Beowolf was turned into a goat-like being that was inert until a possessed body was kicked into it. The "idol" was possessed and had to be blown apart with a super shotgun shot to be killed, even creating a maw with rows of teeth from his chest and tentacles to grab the Slayer! Body Horror doesn't begin to describe it.
    • We later see a Beowolf try to run away from Deag Grav, but fail. That deserves special mention. The Grimm, soulless monsters that feed on fear, are absolutely terrified of the demons!
  • Deag Grav's killing of Fox in Chapter 15. It's so sudden that nobody has time to react to it. Even more so is how the Argent energy tears him apart from the inside, and then Deag slices him in half vertically from his torso upwards. To make matters worse, his corpse comes back in the next chapter, but Body Horror abounds. In short, he tries to strangle Coco using his own intestines as tentacles!
  • Had the rest of the demons actually listened to Deag Grav, they would have won! Had they killed the Slayer while he was sealed away as he suggested, there would be no one to stop Hell.
  • Weiss' Mind Rape via the Pain Elemental forcing her to remember every bad thing about her family. She's shown to still be horrified by it long after it happened.
  • The SDC slave labor of Faunus is outright horrific in how brutal it is. They don't just enslave them and force them to work in mines or anything like that. They use them as target practice just to test their newly developed weapons.
    • They also capture Team SSSN and torture them for answers. Team SSSN was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, having been hunting demons that wandered into the areas near the facility. Nobody, neither human, Faunus, young, or old, is safe from them.
    • The state that Sun is found in is really disturbing. The Slayer finds him completely naked and beaten. When he approaches the cell door, Sun backs away and admits that they did "things" to him. Just what the Hell did they do to him?
    • Marrow, an Atlas student, was just in his dorm before, according to VEGA, being teleported to the lab. If they are willing to kidnap an Atlas citizen and can do so without even leaving the lab, who is safe? That's not even getting into the fact that they cut off his tail.
  • As the Slayer and his impromptu fighting force prepare to take on Cordovin, it's shown that the Marauder is in the facility and is now culling everyone inside as he makes his way towards his foe. God help them.
  • Ruby's growing Sanity Slippage reaches an apex in Chapter 28, where she quietly mutters "...kill them...kill them all..." and then slashes through the radial artery of one of the guards. Remember, this was the idealistic kid who just wanted to help save people, and now she's slicing through normal humans and being utterly apathetic to their pain. Everyone keeps comparing her to the Slayer and that she's turning into him, but Catrice believes she's becoming something else that's just as terrifying.
    "William Joseph Blazkowicz III was the Slayer of Argent D'Nur? Then, Ruby Rose was on her way to becoming the Slayer of Remnant."

    "Not Slayer, no. Reaper."
    • When she sees Jacques holding the Slayer's helmet, her first instinct is to slice off all his left hand's fingers and leave him in pain. She then picks up the Slayer's helmet, stares at her reflection in it and just...smiles. As if she's proud of herself for what she just did.
  • After escaping Epsilon, Blake and Ilia get into a heated argument that almost ends with Blake trying to gouge Ilia's eyes out. It's so sudden and comes right the hell out of nowhere, and even Blake is terrified with what she almost did. Ruby wasn't the only one horrifically affected by their experience in Hell.
  • Davoth's first appearance as a dark, ghostly apparition is terrifying, befitting what's expected from the Dark Lord of Hell. He casually deconstructs Ironwood psychologically and leaves him trembling in fear, and damn near kills Ruby, Tai, and Yang when they attempt to fight him. Something to keep in mind is that this is just a shadow of Davoth; less than a fraction of what he can accomplish. If that is but a taste of what the Dark Lord can do, then there is much reason to fear him.