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Heartwarming / The Rejuvenation Play

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  • The Doctor choosing to stay and take care of the child he accidentally created and make a life with Derpy at the end of Rejuvenation Play. As the later stories show, he clearly thinks that he made the right choice.
  • Every time Celestia hears of someone seriously hurting her subjects, it's made very clear just how much she cares.
  • During You Shall Go To The Gala, when awaiting the decision on whether she can get free of Countess Glass, Derpy chooses to spend possibly her last hours of freedom visiting her grandfather.
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  • When the fashion elite of Canterlot try and put Photo Finish out of business by booking up all the available venues for photography, Fancy Pants offers the use of his manor for free.
  • After rescuing Hoity Toity, Photo Finish shares a surprisingly soft moment with him, despite the general unfriendliness of them both.
  • Aunt Bustle Bloomers' response to Fancy becoming First Minister. For all she may not approve of his choice of career and partner, she can still be So Proud Of Him.
  • When Nitpick brings a small army of minions to try and "punish" Fleur's parents, the inhabitants of Ponyville don't stand by and let him do it, but instead go full Torches and Pitchforks on the stallion who has made Derpy and Fleur's life so miserable.
  • Any time Dinky is on screen, but her interactions with Pipsqueak are particularly endearing.
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  • For all Cascadius is a monster, he still promises that Tungsten won't be hurt.
  • The reason Diamond Tiara won't bully Derpy. When a postal service strike blocked her birthday presents from arriving in time, likely leading to a major argument between her parents and an altogether ruined birthday, Derpy made the flight herself, bringing everything that was needed, and including a batch of muffins she'd made herself.
  • When Filthy Rich found out what Countess Glass had done to Derpy, he immediately and completely cut business ties with them, regardless of how much money the lawyers offered him, and even Spoiled Rich got in on it, attacking one of the lawyers and having to be restrained by Randolph.

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