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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon Fusion Kai

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Just because its fanfiction doesn't mean its not safe for all the horrors the readers interact. Reading these makes Digimon not the same..

Season 1
  • MetalGarurumon Lycan Mode. The fact that crushing WarGreymon to death made readers nearly turn away, that its worse than Great Ape Vegeta on Goku.His form was so fearful that would bring fear to an army of Tyrannomons.
  • UmbraDevimon is so terrifying that it put Kimeramon to shame.
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  • Piedmon's trick of turning his enemies to keychains is a Fate Worse than Death!
  • Burizalor, this guy is terrifying as Frieza. Especially his final form appearing. To sum it up, he shows skills far greater than hell on his enemies. Especially when he brutally beats Matt & ZeedGarurumon and later kills the former the moment Tai & VictoryGreymon showed up. He then kills Sora simply with a death beam, instead of Krillen blowing up like Frieza. Sure it sounds simple right? But think about when you saw your love one murdered by your own eyes? Horrified that Tai failed to save Sora from her bloodied death.
    Naturally, they were expecting a monster of titanic proportions, resembling a Titan from Greek Mythology. However, what they got was far, FAR worse.'' His 100% power takes it further than Frieza's, now he has demonic wings and horns!
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  • Apocalymon took it further over his anime counterpart in Digimon Adventure.
Season 2
  • Funkymon attempt to drain and infect Cody in Chapter 59 is just horrifying. An android hurting a CHILD!?
  • Same as Elfmon infecting Omega X with the D-Virus in Chapter 60. Oh yeah speaking of the D-Virus, this infection is scary to the point that there is no cure in the present timeline.
  • Virus, the way he absorbs many people and digimon just like Cell gives readers the chills. When he powers up while confronting BanchoLeomon and the artificials in Chapter 74, dead faces were seen in the aura!
    Then, BanchoLeomon, Jax, and Sonja were spooked upon witnessing what resembled human and Digimon souls spilling out, letting out terrifying and haunting banshees. These were all the victims Virus had absorbed for the last few days. All of them became one with Virus, greatly empowering him to a certain degree. Lost souls of Digimon, children, adults, parents, and even the elderly were incorporated in him. Virus' roars became high-pitched screeches as BanchoLeomon, Jax, and Sonja frozen in fear.
    • Perfect Virus is using those souls to charge up his Ghostly Terra Beam in Chapter 94
    • His Semi Perfect form is just as scary as the first. Stalking Sonja to absorb her feels like a rapist.
    • Then Perfect Virus is THE MOST scariest. To sum it up, when he simply beats his weak opponents, they were instantly knock out. But Virus is using a 'tap on the shoulder' of his power, and if he uses it in full force would KILL them. Next when he announced the War Games to Dimitri & Keke and mentions giving terrifying looks, both of his adversaries were instilled by fear! The same goes for EVERYONE around the world.
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    • When he was hit by Omega X's Instant Terra Beam, all that's left was his legs. You think its over right? Wrong, because Virus grotesquely regenerates all of his upper body like a horror movie, only it has no special effects, its the REAL DEAL.
  • The Chibi Viruses. Small, but terrifying, they brutally beat our heroes to near deaths.
  • Virus spitting out both Sonja and Jax is just gross. But then when Imperfect Virus proceeds to blow up like a balloon to self destruct, his voice grotesquely changes that to his semi-perfect form. He's not himself when he loses it!
    • He comes back as Super Perfect Virus. His explanations of how his nucleus survives, reforms back alive, and inherited the 'Amazing Grace' and Instant Movement are just plain creepy. It doesn't help that his facial expressions become insane and wants to destroy the solar system.
  • Level 2 Celesta X becomes one as a result of not controlling the darker side of the 'Amazing Grace'. Our heroes are horrified that if she's done with Virus, she'll turn on her friends and who knows what that 'monster' is going to do...
Season 2.5
  • Virus' prison in Digital Limbo is much darker than the rest of the villains' cells.
  • IceDevimon gives readers the creeps just like in Digimon Tamers.
  • The Devil Clan becomes this as darker versions of King Piccolo's minions.
Season 3


  • Paradixalmon's 'second mouth'.
  • The Digital Warlord himself is one. A complete psycho with a katana.

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