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Dimension Name: DF-616


The Past


-100,000 years ago: Huanglongmon laid out the foundations of the Four Digital Realms, which was originally a single realm. Before Huanglongmon, the Supreme Guardians and the Guardians were the watchers of pre-existing Digiworlds. This one Digital Realm became the watcher grounds for the Supreme Guardians. All of which were governed under the ENIAC and the Grand Supreme Guardian. Beerusmon and Whismon are also created, that the former's role is to destroy planets as a role of balance, hence that he's called the Digital God of Destruction. Whismon serves as Beerusmon's martial arts master. Following a crisis with the D-Reaper created by BlackMagimon, all but one Supreme Guardian were killed/absorbed. Only one Supreme Guardian remains to this day.

-5,000 years ago: After Huanglongmon's rise to prominence, the battle with the ancient monster forced the golden dragon to divide the single realm into four Digital Realms. All of them were designated according to the Four Paths of Chinese Mythology: North, South, East, and West. Huanglongmon created four Digimon and empowered them with authority to oversee their respective realms. You know which Sovereign watches over which realm.

-3,000 years ago: The war between the Beast and Human Digimon. Lucemon's rise and fall. Ancient Warriors sacrifice themselves and leave an essence of their powers through Spirits after destroying Lucemon.

-2,500 years ago: History of the Sephirots. The Ancients were temple priests for the Sephirot people back on the world where Skykos the Exodian Priest's power originated. Keter and Skykos battled for the supreme crown of who would rule Planet Sephirot. The battle lasted for hundreds of years, until the gem that the Ancients referred to as the Zero Unit, was forged to decide their battle. Ultimately, Keter and Skykos grabbed hold of the gem, granting them equal power. In the end, their powers became too great and destroyed Planet Sephirot. The remaining Sephirot who retreated took the Zero Unit with them, but Skykos' spirit pursued them. When they landed on Planet Void, the last of the Sephirot race evolved into descendants called the Galactic Pirates. They created Calumon as the catalyst to contain the Zero Unit, and as the key to unlocking the sealed powers of Digimon.

Taito's Ascension

-2,000 years ago: Apocalymon first rips through the Wall of Fire and spill vast amounts of dark energy across the Digiverse. Various evil denizens including the Corrupts are born from this dark energy. Many dark realms are unsealed, releasing evil entities from the Dark Area and Dark Ocean. Mutalior and Burizalor are born. Burizalor is considered the cream amongst the crop of the Corrupts and receives the gift of leading the Corrupts against the Digital Knight Council.

-1,500 years ago: The war between the Corrupts and Digital Knight Council spills across the Digiverse.

-1,000 years ago: The First Ascendant, Alpha X, rises to power. He fought Pyronmon, an independent entity spawned from Apocalymon's power, and he was the first Zero user. Pyronmon was defeated, but he expelled his power in forcefully pass it to Alpha X. Overtime, the power of the Zero ability consumed Alpha X in becoming a monster and fought the Digital Knights. Alpha X eventually destroys himself along with his homeworld, Planet Primordial. Before he died, the Digital Knights retrieve his DNA to study this Ascendant power. The five Original Chosen were selected by Ebonwumon. Gennai takes up duty to train the orphans, allowing them to utilize Digivices that grant them powers to combat Burizalor's forces. The First Great War commences leading to Burizalor and his followers to be sealed behind the Wall of Fire. Shortly thereafter, Taito Yagami and his group defeat Apocalymon using their Legendary Armors to seal Apocalymon behind the wall. Second Great War occurs after Burizalor, Apocalymon, and his Corrupt forces are released by Millenniummon. Their release and collapse of the Wall of Fire causes the Eastern Realm to become warped, throwing its chronology out of sync with Earth again (thus one Earth day equals one minute in Digiworld). Burizalor establishes the Buriza Empire, an encompassing galactic federation that conquers and trades planets. The Dark Masters, Nightmare Soldiers, Demon Corps, and Nightmare Special Squad become a part of his regime. Cyrus betrays Taito and his friends, revealing to be Burizalor's spy. Taito confronts Cyrus and Burizalor. Burizalor destroys the central Digital World in the Northern Digigalaxy, destroying Taito and the last remnants of the Digital Knight Council. Gennai flees with the Digi Eggs and Digivices, later planning for the arrival of the new Digi-Destined. Manhunt ordered to find Gennai. Tags and Crests are taken by Burizalor, who promptly gives the Tags to Devimon. Cyrus/Shadramon scatters Crests across the Continent of Server. Burizalor hands Crest of Light to Myotismon. Burizalor and his cohorts seal the Holy Beasts/Sovereigns' powers, forcing them to retreat and turn into Digicores. These Digicores are sent directly toward Planet Spira, which are found by the Great Elder and guards them along with his people.

-500 years ago: Digimon Adventure (ep 1-39).

Earth Time

-1940s AD: Captain American: The First Avenger. Schindler's List. Agent Carter.

-1975-1976 AD: Taito Yagami and company are born.

-Late 1980s AD: Taichi and the Odaiba children are born.

-June 1993 AD: Jurassic Park.

-March 1995 AD: The Odaiba Digidestined witness the battle of Greymon and Parrotmon.

-May 1997 AD: The Lost World: Jurassic Park.


The Present

-August 3rd, 1999 AD (Digital/Real World Times Unsynchronized): Daimaomon's Conquest Redux Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 1-54).

  • The Digidestined return to Digital World. The group is split thanks to another fight between Tai and Matt. The events of Daimaomon's Conquest. Tai rescues TK and Kari. Daimaomon defeated by Angemon. Matt gets seduced by darkness and leaves with the tyrant Burizalor.
  • Shortly after, NeoDevimon arrives on Digital World to find 'Zero-009' (aka Agumon). Agumon refuses to join him. Leomon teams with WarGreymon to defeat the invader. The masked watcher, X, arrives to save dying WarGreymon, takes him and Tai to the Other World to train to prepare for the Digital Invaders.
  • During preparation before the Invaders, the Digidestined defeat MetalEtemon and Puppetmon.
  • Months later, the Digital Invaders arrive. Matt and MetalGarurumon are among the three Invaders. Digidestined confront Invaders. Centaurumon, Piximon, Andromon, Leomon, and Ogremon die in battle. Tai and WarGreymon return to defeat Babimon (and before him defeat MetalSeadramon). Tai and WarGreymon fight Matt and MetalGarurumon. MagnaAngemon defeats MetalGarurumon. Matt and his partner flee. Inklings of the evil persona 'Yamato' start to take over Matt.
  • The Digidestined (minus Tai and Agumon) join X's crew, the D3s (Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David), to go to Planet Spira to retrieve the legendary Digicores. Matt and Gabumon learn Burizalor went to Spira. All parties arrive on Spira. Digidestined and D3s caught in war with Burizalor's men. Machinedramon defeated by D3s. A race of the Digicores heats up. Burizalor's 'Chimera Project' (UmbraDevimon) is unleashed. Thanks to UmbraDevimon, Phelesmon defeats Matt and MetalGarurumon. Before being interrogated, Gabumon breaks out of chamber and evolves into ZeedGarurumon. He and Matt escape as they defeat Phelesmon.
  • Meanwhile, Tai and Agumon depart Digital World using one of X's ships. During gravity training on route to Spira, Agumon achieves his new Mega form: VictoryGreymon.
  • Matt steals six Digicores from Burizalor and the Digidestined have one. Digidestined and D3s see the Great Elder of Spira. Burizalor summons the Nightmare Special Squad. Led by Piedmon, the Nightmare Squad confront the Digidestined and take their Digicores. Matt and ZeedGarurumon kill Gurdmon. Fight with Brutemon intensifies. Tai and VictoryGreymon finally arrive. Brutemon and Devilin easily defeated by the renewed VictoryGreymon. Matt is reminded of a certain legend called 'Ascendant'.
  • Piedmon turns most of Digidestined, including Tai and Matt, into key chains. MagnaAngemon returns to undo Piedmon's magic. Chaser, LadyDevimon, UmbraDevimon, and Shadramon are defeated by remaining Digidestined and D3s. Piedmon sent through Gate of Destiny.
  • While Tai and Agumon heal in chamber, the heroes summon Lord Gorugon to revive Leomon and Ogremon. Leomon and Ogremon merge Marsmon and Mercurimon to become BanchoLeomon. The battle with Burizalor begins. Burizalor goes through three transformations. Falcomon, Izzy, Matt, and Sora are killed by Burizalor. Tai becomes enraged and with Crest of Courage merges with Agumon to become Omega X, the legendary Ascendant. The four Sovereigns summoned to help Digidestined and D3s restore Lord Gorugon to revive everyone killed by Burizalor's army. Shadramon and UmbraDevimon return from certain death as they combine, but are quickly defeated again.
  • After everyone except Omega X and Burizalor are wished back to the Digital World, Apocalymon arrives to send Digidestined to his realm. Burizalor is cut down by his attack and is defeated by Omega X. Omega X summoned into Apocalymon's realm. Digidestined unite Crests and Agumon becomes VictoryGreymon Fury Mode to defeat Apocalymon. Digidestined are returned to Digital World. Omega X sent back as planet explodes.
  • Following Burizalor and Apocalymon's defeats, the real world and Digital World's time unsynchronization is undone. The Digimon Sovereigns are restored to their quadrants. Shadramon, the lone survivor, escapes upon arriving in the Digital World. He finds a certain dark-haired boy with a black Digivice and makes plans to use this child.

-August 4th, 1999 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 54). The Digidestined return home to their families.

-August 6th, 1999 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 55 opening). The severely injured Burizalor is rescued by LadyMyotismon and converts himself to a cyborg.

-December 5th, 1999 AD: The Digidestined reunite to use Digicores to revive Tai and Agumon. Tai and Agumon are revealed to be alive, but decide to stay in the Digiverse. Matt slowly gets overtaken by his dark half 'Yamato'.

-December 31st, 1999 AD: Iron Man 3 Flashback.

-March 25th, 2000 AD: Mutalior's Vengeance. Burizalor's father, Mutalior, and his men attack the Digital World during the Digidestined's reunion with Tai and Agumon. Omegamon briefly formed. Tai and Agumon become Omega X once again to defeat Mutalior.

-Between 2000 and 2004 AD: The events of Digimon Zero Two with deviations. Davis, Yolei, and Cody join TK and Kari. Ken becomes Digimon Emperor under Shadramon's influence. The Emperor takes over Digital World and revealed to be Ken Ichijouji. Emperor is defeated. Shadramon killed by BanchoLeomon. Ken later joins the Digidestined. Emperor's remaining Control Spires/Dark Towers used by Datamon to construct and modify his Artificials. BlackWarGreymon created and later sealed by Datamon. The Demon Corps and BelialMyotismon defeated during this time period. In place of the real Tai and Agumon are clones made to substitute them in their absence.

-July 2001 AD: Jurassic Park III.

-2003 to 2004 AD: The Social Network.

-January 18th, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 55-58). Burizalor returns with LadyMyotismon to seek Tai and Agumon. A mysterious youth, Angemon X, kills the half-cybernetic tyrant and the vampire empress. The youth, Dimitri Ishida/Angemon X (son of Matt and Mimi), warn Tai and Agumon of the upcoming Artificial threat. Tai and Agumon demonstrate their new technique: Instant Movement.

-June 20th, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 58).

-December 17th, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 58-71). The Artificial trio (Elfmon, IceLadyDevimon, and Funkymon) attack Kyoto. Omega X falls to a virus. Matt, now fully under 'Yamato's influence, merges with Gabumon to become Metalla X. Metalla X destroys Elfmon. After IceLadyDevimon is defeated, Funkymon is revealed as Datamon, the mastermind behind the Artificials. They chase Datamon, who unleashes two more powerful Artificials, Jax and Sonja. Jax kills Datamon and reawakens BlackWarGreymon. The Digidestined and D3s beaten by the Artificials. Heroes move Tai and Agumon to a safer location. A pod is discovered on File Island with a mysterious egg and molten skin of a creature. BanchoLeomon receives Burst Mode power from Sovereigns. Later in the afternoon, BanchoLeomon confronts a insect-like creature named Virus. Virus vows to achieve his 'Perfection'. Dimitri and others destroy Datamon's remaining lab including the Virus fetus.

-December 18th, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 71). The hunt for Virus is on.

-December 20th, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 71-72). The pursuit for Virus continues. Tai and Agumon finally recover. The duo take Kari & Gatomon, Yamato & Gabumon, Keke, and Dimitri & Faith to the Room of Time to train for a year. Yamato & Gabumon, Keke, and Dimitri & Faith enter first.

-December 21st, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 72-83). The Artificials locate the Digidestined and D3s. BanchoLeomon fights Jax to a stalemate. Virus arrives to quickly dispatch both. BlackWarGreymon finally takes action and fight Virus. Virus absorbs Jax and evolves. Metalla X, Angemon X, and Keke leave Room of Time. Metalla X beats Virus to submission, but persuaded to let him absorb Sonja. Davis fails to shutdown Sonja. Efforts to save Sonja are in vain as Virus absorbs her to become Perfect. 'Perfect' Virus easily defeats Metalla X. Angemon X, fully powered, and Keke try to fight Virus, but fail due to sacrificing speed for power. Virus officially declares the War Games. The Kamiya siblings, along with Agumon and Gatomon, enter Room of Time. Kari achieves her Ascendant state: Celesta X.

-December 22nd, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 83-84). Virus announces the War Games on global television. Omega X and Celesta X leave the Room of Time. BanchoLeomon enters next.

-December 23rd, 2004 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 85-86). Dragomon sends minions to retrieve Celesta X admist the chaos surrounding Virus' attack on the world military. Upon arriving in the Dark Ocean, Celesta X defeats Dragomon. Tai and Agumon go to New Planet Spira to bring Falcomon to create new Digicores. BanchoLeomon exits Room of Time. Yamato/Metalla X enter next. Afterwards, Dimitri/Angemon X enter.

-December 24th-27th, 2004 AD: TK & Patamon, Davis & Veemon, and the D3s enter the Room of Time. TK becomes WarAngemon and Davis becomes Ultima X.

-Between DFKai chapter 86-87, December 28, 2004: Yagami the Legendary Ascendant. During a visit to France, the Digidestined are taken to a far away planet, Vergo, to help stop the 'legendary Ascendant'. Tai and Agumon arrive only to be attacked by Yagami and his partner Agumon X. Glaven, Yagami's adopted father, unveils his son as the 'legendary Ascendant': GalacticNova X. In the end, Omega X defeated GalacticNova X.

-December 31st, 2004 AD: The War Games (Digimon Fusion Kai Ch. 87-97). At noon, the War Games officially starts. Mummymon faces Virus and is easily beaten. Omega X engages Virus in a hard fought battle. He forfeits and lets Celesta X take over. Virus unleashes Virus Jrs. In a vein attempt to destroy Virus with a bomb, BlackWarGreymon gets destroyed by Virus. Celesta X unlocks her 'Amazing Grace' and ascends into Ascendant 2. She slays all the Virus Jrs. She then beats Virus badly enough to make him throw up both the Artificial twins. Deterred by Celesta X's power, Virus activates his internal bomb. Omega X whisks Virus away using Instant Movement and seemingly dies in the explosion on a far-off planet. Tai and Agumon are saved by Huanglongmon, who transport them to his realm. Virus returns to Earth stronger than ever. Encouraged by her brother, Celesta X is able to overpower and destroy Virus for good. SliferGigaSeadramon summoned as the new Digicore deity to revive everyone killed by Virus. Tai and Agumon return to their friends.

-2005 AD: Jurassic World is opened to the public.

-January 1st, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 97). Dimitri and Faith depart to the future. In the future (2022 AD), Dimitri/Angemon X destroys Jax, Sonja, and Virus.

-January 25th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 98). X arrive to take Tai and Agumon to a journey into Other World to meet with the 'Supreme Digi-Deities'.

-January 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 99-102). Tai, Agumon, and X meet the Alterian known as Pikkan. BlackWarGreymon gains a new humanoid body and renames himself BW. With Pikkan and BW's help, Tai and VictoryGreymon easily defeat Ginyumon, the Nightmare Special Squad, the Dark Masters, and the Demon Corps in Digital Limbo. They also meet Simms' cohorts, the Higher Ones, and the Supreme Digi-Deities, Shinmon and Kibitomon. The Digiuniversal Battle Tournament commences. Omega X defeats Pikkan in the finals.

-February 7th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 102).

-February 9th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 103).

-February 12th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 104).

-February 15th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 104).

-February 23rd, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 105).

-February 24th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 105).

-February 25th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 106).

-June 2005 AD: Batman Begins.

-Between July 2005 and 2006 AD: Batman: Gotham Knight.

-November 4th, 2005 AD: Across Dimensions.

-November 26th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 107).

-November 27th, 2005 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 108-109).

-March 26th, 2006 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 110-115).

-March 29th, 2006 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 115). X explains about the Ascendant Legacy.

-July 2006 AD: The Dark Knight.

-August 2006 AD: Siege of GranDracmon.

-Between 2006 and 2009 AD: Yagami Second Coming. Digimon Accel Stream Season 2.

-April 8th, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai (Ch. 115 Epilogue), Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Season 3) (Ch. 1 - 2).

-April 9th, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 3).

-May 1st, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 3).

-May 2nd, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 4).

-May 3rd, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 5 - 26).

-May 4th, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 27 - 50).

-May 5th, 2009 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 51).

-May (After the D-Reaper conflicts) to October 2009 AD: Iron Man.

-2010 AD: Iron Man 2. The Incredible Hulk. Thor.

-June 2010 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 51).

-June 12th, 2010 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 51). The Digidestined and company visit Jurassic World. X/Max doubts the theme park's future stability.

-July 2nd, 2010 AD: Battle of Digital Gods.

-August 1st, 2010 AD: Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Ch. 51-52). Odaiba Memorial Day 11th Anniversary. The Digidestined reunite. D-Reaper's reincarnations, Dorothy Kaimodosu and Avengemon, meets Tai and the Digidestined. Tai adopts Dorothy as his student/foster daughter.

-2011 AD of YYGDM-01: Valkyrie Advent.

-2011 AD: Cross Generations (Dimension Missions arc).

-July 22nd, 2011 AD: Captain America wakes up in Time Square and meets Nick Fury after suspended animation for 70 years.

-2011 AD: Resurrection B.

-May 4th, 2012 AD: The Avengers.

-May 2012 AD: Cross Generations (Curtain Call/Lost Rebellion/Fiction's Closure).

-December 2012 AD of YYGDM-01: Wrath of the Defiants.

-December 24th - 25th, 2012 AD: Iron Man 3.


The Future

-2013: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Thor: The Dark World.

-2014: The Dark Knight Rises. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Guardians of the Galaxy.

-2015: Daredevil. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ant-Man. Jessica Jones.

-Winter 2015: Jurassic World.

-2016: Captain America: Civil War. Doctor Strange.

-2017: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Spider-Man. Thor: Ragnarok.

-2018: Black Panther. Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. Ant-Man and the Wasp. Captain Marvel.

-2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. Inhumans.