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Nightmare Fuel / The Walking Dead: Real Monsters

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  • The neighbours that didn’t get killed by Charlie or Nate are most likely going to die from the herd the trio had to drive through.
  • The detail the text goes into describing how the zombiefied baby looks is enough to make you understand why Nate keeps having nightmares about it.
  • The existence of a group of rapists bandits.
    • In the revamp, the horror of one victim (that we never get to know but see the dress of) is highlighted by the different scenarios that Nate thinks of when it comes to what might’ve happened to her and who she could’ve been.
  • Regardless of whether or not he deserved it, the description of the aftermath of Dan being burned alive is terrible.
    • It’s even worse when you think about how, if he managed to survive it, he has to make it on his own with no medication to help with the pain he’d be in. Even if you don't feel sorry for him, picturing yourself in that position is scary.
  • Dr. Nāgá’s zombie arm must be horrible to live with. Not only does she have to deal with the smell of death and knowing that her arm is slowly rotting away, she has to make sure that a ''string’’ doesn’t loosen so she doesn’t turn.
  • Imagine you’re sick and trying to survive the apocalypse while having whatever aliment you have, when suddenly you find out about a camp full of doctors who are willing to take you in a cure you of your disease. You go there, meet other survivors and doctors who all seem pretty nice, and you feel safe for the first time in a while. Suddenly, you’re told you have to go somewhere else because it’s too dangerous. You listen, not that worried because you trust the doctors. Once you’re there, they inject you with something. You ask what it is, and they tell you that it’s to help you with your aliment. You believe them, because they’ve already done so much to help you, but over time you get sicker and sicker and have no idea why. Then you die, having no idea that you were injected with the zombie virus. That’s what multiple people went through, and are continuing to go through, thanks to Dr. Nāgá.

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