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Tear Jerker / The Walking Dead: Real Monsters

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Just like the canon series, The Walking Dead: Real Monsters has many sad moments.

  • Anya explaining what happened at the party and her eventual fate. Despite what she tried to do, she was just traumatized from what happened to her and didn't want that to happen to anyone else.
  • What happened to Hanna and Guatier.
    • It's especially sad to think about what Guatier had to go through. He saw he wife get murdered, had to kill her when she reanimated, and was powerless to stop strangers from kidnapping their baby just before he died.
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  • The baby's death and Nate's subsequent distress over it in the latter chapters is heartbreaking.
  • Poor Vaughan having to deal with the fact that Charlie willingly slept with the bandit to get back at him for lying about his cancer.
  • Sissy not knowing how bad the apocalypse really is, and not knowing that her aunt, uncle, cousin, and later her mother are all dead.
  • Nate apologizing to Sissy after scaring her when he was killing the zombie that tried to eat her.
  • This is more of a fridge tearjerker, but in chapter 4 of the revamp, after Nate remembers Casey's funeral, the narration states that Casey deserved to have better parents. Casey, not "they". This most likely implies that Nate thinks he personally didn't deserve better parents.
    • Nate's past in general was pretty sad; having a neglectful alcoholic of a mom, an abusive dad, and the only family member that he liked dying on him and causing him long lasting emotional distress.
  • Nate talking to Casey in a dream after he passes out thanks to the vaccine.
  • Charlie crying when she thinks she's going to lose both Nate and Vaughan in the same day.
    • This is ironic/foreshadowing in the worst way since it's Nate that ends up losing her and Vaughan instead.
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  • Some depressing set of notifications occurs in chapter five when Nate decides to comfort both Charlie and Vaughan. It says that "you tried" to comfort them, not "you comforted" them. So even though it was nice of Nate to try to be there for them, he might not have actually helped make them feel better.
  • Knowing that Jude and Raymond, along with the rest of the patients, most likely died after Nate and crew abandoned them.
    • Roxane and Sissy waiting for everyone to come back to the abandoned camp without knowing that they never will.
  • Vaughan admitting that he thinks every bad thing that happened throughout the story was his fault and that Nate should let him go.
    • Vaughan sobbing into Nate's chest when he chooses to not let him go and Vaughan admitting that he doesn't actually want to die or be alone.
  • Charlie's death, especially if you were expecting Vaughan to die.
    • It's even worse when he dies anyways.
  • "(?) Vaughan can't answer that." "(?) Vaughan won't remember that." Never has a notification been so cruel.
  • Nate sobbing in his truck after Vaughan and Charlie die.

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