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Nightmare Fuel / No Chance for Fate

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Perhaps due to the very nature of the story, the frightening stuff no longer is coated by humor.

Nightmare Fuel in No Chance for Fate:

  • The canon of both the source series does contain many things that were this but were played entirely for laughs. Taking away this coat of humor reveals how truely fear-inspiring some aspects of both canons are and that it's no laughing matter.
  • The actions of the Dark Kingdom no longer come across as the camp they were in canon, with the humor and ridiculousness stripped away. Some of their forced transformations of people are also turning into Body Horror.
    • Their first conquest was bad enough and no bones is made how this killed billions and threw Earth back into the deepest dark ages.
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    • Just the idea of them abducting people around the world to suck them dry and no one ever learning what happened is a nightmare in itself.
  • The Youma themselves were pretty goofy-looking in canon. Here, a lot nastier ones are introduced and canon Youma look a lot more intimidating. For example, in one episode, a goofy-looking spider-woman Youma turned up. Here it's played for exactly the disgusting sight it is.
    • Though the view is obscured, it's noted that when a Youma leaves Nephrite's victims, something pours out of all of the victim's body orifices to form the Youma. Apart from the Squick involved, it's noted that the victims are obviously in pain while this happens. Thankfully, they at least don't seem to suffer any permanent harm from it.
    • The forced transformations of people into Youma are now no longer obscured. It's every bit the Body Horror you would expect it to be, with even the Senshi being in danger of losing their lunch at the sight. Naturally, being healed after months of being such a monster leaves people taumatized of course.
  • Happosai is much worse than he'd ever been in canon. Considering he was almost entirely played for comedy in canon, readers should prepare for the worst. His character is taken to its logical conclusion: he is a cruel and heartless man who cares for no one but himself and his own pleasure and gets off on molesting women. If there ever was a Moral Event Horizon, he'd crossed it a long time ago.
    • To hammer home why he is such a nightmare. While he has not yet appeared it person, Genma and Soun were emotional wrecks after finally getting rid of him, totally willing to bury him alive. Soun got stripped of his self-confidence while Genma had corruption planted into his mind. Happosai enjoyed trying to starve his students to death, trying to drive them to crime. Most recently, he had violated a woman on his way to Nerima.
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    • The Amazons also have a bone to pick with him. Them calling him "the Defiler" should be warning it's not a pretty story.
    • He finally appears in Chapter 26. It turns out he's called "the Defiler" because, after charming the Amazons into letting him into their village, he brutally raped several of them before running off with several of the tribe's sacred artifacts. Four of his victims were so utterly traumatized by the experience that they committed suicide not long afterwards.
    • Genma telling his son that Happosai had tortured him with a straight razor makes you wonder how much worse and untold stuff Genma and Soun had endured during those years.
  • Mikado Sanzenin. Just think about it, he's a sociopath capable of manipulating other's minds to get what he wants. Heaven help them once he wants more from girls than just stealing their kisses.
  • Though it was not real, Ryoga on Death Row was really frightening, especially due to how clinical and by-the-book it all was.
  • Although it's only described, Konatsu's life was a never-ending nightmare, since his step-family rented him out to sickos of both genders as a Sex Slave for money since the age of twelve. This logical conclusion of an absurd story in canon is downright frightening.
  • When hearing about Master Pharaoh 90, Usagi, hearing the number, asks if there are 89 more. The answer is no, but the very idea is terrifying (though Usagi should receive some credit; given the name, a very sensible question to ask).
  • The whole sequence when the oil-like parasitic worm is literally forced down Ami's throat by Nehellenia. The whole sequence is described in sickening detail.
    • The scene of it being expelled from her is just as as sickening.
  • The death of Mistress 9. The way her body is torn apart and absorbed by the Silence Glaive is quite sickening.
  • The whole Stable Time Loop itself. While breaking it kicks off the story, the whole thing is described in horrifying detail by Setsuna, the one victim who remains mostly aware. What makes it worse for her, is that, while her body is in stasis until she is supposed to be active, she's conscious the entire time and fully aware that the tragedy is all due to her manipulations and there is nothing she can do on her own to keep history from endlessly repeating and collapsing. She crossed the Despair Event Horizon long ago, and isn't even allowed to go insane from her experiences.
  • The deaths of the Witches 5 are particularly nasty.
    • Eudial's car is hit full force by a train and then smashed against a telephone pole. She actually survives that one, stuck in the wreck, only to then die when fuel vapors from the ruptured tank ignite. Her burning alive is such a horrible sight, that Ami and Ranma force themselves to look away.
    • Mimette is smote by a Bolt of Divine Retribution. It sets her on fire and her flesh is melted off her bones. Worse, she stays fully aware until the bitter end and is descibed as screaming, until she is no longer physcially capable of doing so.
    • Tellu accidentially blew up herself when she was about to get eaten by her own monster plant. Even more scary, while Endymion says that she's still in one piece, he totally refuses to give any more details. It creates the question in which condition her corspe actually is.
    • Viluy networked herself to all the computers in Greater Tokyo to her to boost her powers, but Mercury hacks them and gets them to download all their information into her head. The resulting My Skull Runneth Over is so severe that she suffers a brain-melting, face-bleeding, fatal stroke.
  • Some of the nightmares Nehellenia causes are pretty horrific in their own right.
    • Ami's dream of appearing naked in school gets perverted in her almost getting gang-raped.
    • Michiru actually has a nightmare about commiting suicide after Haruka's death - and thanks to Nehellenia she can't wake up and dies constantly, sitting in a bathtub full of her own blood from her slit wrists.
    • Makoto's survivor's guilt is ramped up to dangerous degrees.
    • While not graphical, the nightmare about Naru's self-doubts is a psychological horror.
  • The nightmare in Mamoru's dream getting run through by a chainsaw. Remember, the nightmare looked like Mamoru.
  • The way Nehellenia bites it is pretty ugly. After the Senshi tricked her into smashing her own Dream Mirror, she ages centuries in mere seconds and is reduced to dust and bones.
  • The crossover-chapter with Wicked City has, thanks to the source material, lots of sickening moments.
    • Kanako the spider-woman stands out. Her Vagina Dentata is so disgusting that many characters are horrified. Even Happosai is repulsed in terror.
    • Mr. Shadow's true form, as a result of experiments he did on himself to become a superior life form, is pure nightmare. Worse, that's an accurate description of what he looks like at the end of the original anime.
    • Even though she's a good person, Fyra pulling back the skin of her head to reveal her bare skull with flames in the eye sockets is a horrifying sight.
  • The Phoenix Tribe is a really good source for nightmare fuel and the whole Phoenix Mountain arc is full of it.
    • They do not hesitate to use bloody violence. Best shown how they didn't hesitate to put a bullet through Xian-Pu's hand, maiming her just to prove a point.
    • Their massacre of the other inhabitats of the area, shown frightingly graphical with the destroyed village of Joketsuzoku, complete with heaps of brutally massacred villagers.
    • After battles against monsters, which disintegrate when being destroyed, the Senshi are shocked at how bloody an affair it is to fight against enemies who actually are alive and bleed.
    • The way Saturn stops the Phoenix troops from fighting on even after it's clear they have lost. Using her powers to squeeze a dozen of them into a bloodly paste horrifies even herself. She had not known she was capable of such a thing.
    • Saffron's horrifying constant changes after he's fallen into the flooded Jusenkyo valley. Not only do the various chimera forms look horrifying, Saffron is obviously in great pain and the clashing magics won't stop until all of it blows up.
  • The Youma Binah's destruction. She melts off her unwilling host like hot wax, screaming the entire time until she's gone.
  • The final, global battle, is really nasty not only due to the high number of casualties, but also due to the sheer ruthlessness of the Dark Kingdom.
    • The Senshi do get a glimpse of the Pharaoh's true appearance, and that is enough to horrify them to no end. Their preception is already filtered, otherwise the sight would have driven them insane right away, which begged the question how horrible the sight has to be. Even the narration never describes the Pharaoh, only noting that it was terrifying and escaped any attempt to describe it.
    • Metallia had been only moments away from actually winning. If not for Ranma having the simple idea that saved them, the world would have been enslaved...

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