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Nightmare Fuel / 1983: Doomsday Stories

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  • Chapter 4 of The Vanishing Shadows has a very angry Angelic!Hungary exacting showing the mercenary antagonist a Fate Worse than Death. Considering how said bad guy tried to kill Austria, use Sopron as a lab rat and is strongly implied to have ordered his men to rape her...he had it coming.
    • This image of Hungary at her least pleasant form. Sweet dreams.
    • In the same fic, Austria manages to come across as terrifying, showing how despite resenting battle, he can calmly and coldly end his enemies if he so wishes.
  • What happened to the many victims of Doomsday. If the initial nuclear blasts didn't kill them, then either the fallout, mass turmoil, social breakdown or all of the above definitely did.
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  • Russia's fate. While he does manage to survive, the cost he paid still weighs heavily on him. Not to mention being unable to stop Doomsday while there was still time and watching virtually everything and everyone he still cared about die horribly.
  • This little scene, though Played for Laughs still underlines just how frightening Hungary can present herself to Prussia's eyes.
  • The more recent Halloween Special has Austria playing on his Broken Bird reputation in front of Canada, which can come across as unsettling.

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