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Nightmare Fuel / A New World, A New Way

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It was bound to happen eventually, so now we present to you the Nightmare Fuel page of the A New World, A New Way series.

A New World, A New Way

  • With the latest bonus chapter, we have the story that Dr. Mind tells to Belle, of how a unicorn with particularly powerful mental magic as her talent, and the consequences of her well-intentioned Mind Control on a friend cheating on another friend. Things went wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. This particular bit of nightmares is, in-universe, something that actually happened, and told to foals whom accel in mental magic so they don't repeat that mistake.

A New World, A New Way - Swarm

  • X being attacked by Durant. He tries to save a young Changeling from a group of Durant, only to be suddenly surrounded by more Durant whom immediately jump him and appear to try and kill him. Considering how X is a human and has no idea on how to be a Chesnaught, his fear is justified.
  • X's nightmare is also aripe with Nightmare Fuel. All of it. The crowner has to be when he runs into Jacob, a nightmare version of himself whom actively enjoys watching his Pokémon being beaten into submission, and is Champion of Kalos, and wants nothing more for X to be his dream-self.

New World, New Bonds

  • Casey is rather... unsettling. While not exactly evil, he does resort to some graphic or creepy threats when annoyed, such as stating how easy it would be to stab Ryan through the torso or asking if Midnight would like to volunteer her soul as a meal for him.
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  • Casey is also dealing with a sort of Adult Fear with him being separated from his team, unsure of where to find them or how they'll survive, especially the pacifistic Anya. And when he does find her, she's being cornered by three malicious Pokémon with type advantages...

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