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Nightmare Fuel / Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide

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  • The fate of Unit-A's pilot. Despite evidently putting up a fight as her mind was violently destroyed by the Emerald Tablet as it took control of Unit-A, her last conscious act was apparently desperately attempting to claw off her own face. Ritsuko assumes, or rather hopes, that she was dead or at least in shock when Unit-A started fighting the other Evas.
  • Asuka's nightmare in chapter 10. After hearing several voices mocking her and calling her worthless, dozens of invisible hands seized her and tried to hang her:
    It was then that Asuka felt the hands reaching for her. Dozens of them. Grabbing at her body. In a sudden flurry of desperation she did all she could to fight them, but was overwhelmed. They pinned her down, grasping her head, her hair, her arms, her legs, holding her open. They were all around her, like mad ghosts, pulling her downwards so that she couldn't move.
    Asuka was terrified. Frantically, she struggled to tear herself free, to run away, but it was useless. She yelled and the words made no sense. She cursed and it did her no good. All her strength, her pride, hopes and dreams—all hopeless.
    “Look at me!”
    And then Asuka stopped struggling and she just screamed as the noose was wrapped around her neck.


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