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Nightmare Fuel / Concerning a Drifter

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  • It's a fic subtle Nightmare Fuel, however, it's subtlety has no impact on how scary it can be, as Ryuuko being an occasional drifter, however, while this is normal for her, the fact that contact with her is lost and she's gone for four years isn't. She's eventually found, mentally ill, traumatized, slightly emaciated, and covered with injuries, and, as she barely described, she was kidnapped and held against her will during those four years. To ramp it up a few notches, as we find out, she was raped and four times impregnated and that what happened to her has something to do with illegal activities on the dark web and that she's not the only victim, however, she's the only one to have survived. The others were murdered, one found not far from Ryuuko was found wandering.
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  • According to Chapter Sixteen, we find out that Ryuuko's captors allowed her a companion and said companion was Forced to Watch her being raped, along with that her companion was a child, one that couldn't talk.
  • Satsuki's recollections of her past are both a Tear Jerker and this, as she actually implies how worse it was.
    Satsuki: [...]I had time to get used to it, regardless of the pain, bleedings, and nightmares I got. I felt dirty and I blamed myself. Years passed since it first began and I still replay a memory over and over. I was powerless, weak, and afraid. I wanted them to stop and I couldn't make them. I told no one of the worst of it, of how Ragyo told me I had to "learn some things" and how her lackeys told me they wanted to have "fun" with me, along with that I was "pretty". If I recall, I had no one to save me, no one to make it stop, no one to hear any cries or whimpers for help, and how I wanted to die, just to escape it all.

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