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Nightmare Fuel / Crimson and Emerald

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  • What kind of childhood Endeavor had if he thought his horrific treatment of his children and wife was being restrained!
  • All for One having the Midoriya household, the Aery, the Warren and Mighty Tower under heavy surveillance. Having your every move catalogued and watched and your privacy violated...
  • Hawks was essentially bought by the Heroics Commission as a Child Soldier and had his whole life dictated for him, because otherwise he and his other mother would suffer in poverty. And that happened when he was six! The Commission took away his agency and planned out his life since he was six!
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  • Just because Kiyome wanted a different career and didn't want fame, her parents sold her and her son into slavery without Kiyome ever knowing. Her own parents, who raised her, willingly sold their daughter and grandchild into abuse and manipulation without an ounce of regret.
  • While the Takami parents and Saito Hana deserved to die, All for One has them horrifically tortured to death before faking their deaths in an "accident."

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