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Nightmare Fuel / Harmony Theory

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  • Nightmare Umbra is a nigh unstoppable Omnicidal War God, who can absorb the ashes of ponies and use them to create Undead Mooks, can weaponize her blood, and plans to turn the world to ash.
    • Twinkle Shine's transformation into her… is not a pretty sight.
    • Chapter 37 manages to make her even worse. Nightmare Umbra is actually nothing more than a Golem created through a blending of necromancy and hellfire, given a consciousness literally derived from The Power of Hate, and programmed with the single, unwavering goal of being an Omnicidal Maniac so powerful that she would force the end of the raging Civil War. Except she failed; her creator underestimated the sheer bloodthirsty stubbornness of ponydom, and so the best her creator could do was force a stalemate by inflicting The Schism — on accident. But because ponydom still hasn't reunited, she's been waiting for centuries to rekindle her one-mare war against them all until either they do unite or she kills them all.
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  • By the way, have a wild guess who Nightmare Umbra's creator was. Give up? Oh, nobody other than Twilight Freaking Sparkle! Pushed past the Despair Event Horizon by the bloodthirst of the Civil War and a taunting by the then-ruler of the Changelings, Princess Teneral, until she snapped and became convinced that presenting a single apocalyptically powerful threat to unite against was the only way to end the killing.
  • Max Cash, on top of being a sadistic, highly intelligent, Sociopath, he almost always has very upbeat persona and is very polite and friendly, but barley understands morality and friendship, and is always looking for opportunities to toy with his enemies and "friends".
    • Many of Max Cash's Lines could count:
    Max Cash: I’ll admit I'm a little jealous. I wasn’t here as they carved this place out, but I would have loved to see it take shape. Can you imagine it? A little corridor of earth slowly being peeled back like the skin of a cat to reveal the beautiful structures within. I wish I’d been here for it.
    Max Cash: I'm going to raid the candy store to replenish my supply. You never deprive a chocolate addict from his fix. (to Charisma) Oh, and kill everyone.


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