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Nightmare Fuel / running with lightning feet

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  • Feral's introduction from the viewpoint of the 104th battalion. They're watching a comm tower when suddenly, a Sith comes from the woods. At this point, the 104th has faced Asajj Ventress, Maul and Savage Opress who all share a disturbing tendance to treat the clones as playthings to murder as much as possible — they had every reason to believe Feral would slaughter them all.
    • As Feral is The Empath, he's constantly reading his emotional surroundings. He can feel just how much Sinker and Wolffe are terrified when they're facing him.
  • Wolffe's PTSD from Ventress maiming him isn't helped when Master Plo Koon decides to take the Sith back on them, on a starship which brig isn't equipped to hold Force-Sensitives back. So if the Dark Side-user wanted to go on a rampage and kill the shit out of Wolffe's men and his Jedi, he can do it whenever he wishes to do so.
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  • Feral's low-key yet omnipresent fright when he wakes up a prisoner, constantly wondering if the Jedi is going to interrogate him with Mind Rape or lock him tight to waste his life away.
  • After Savage broke his neck, Feral's idea of safety is a bedroom with all the locks inside. He still loves Savage, but he obviously can't trust him anymore.
    • For this matter, Savage himself knows he can't be trusted around his baby brother, consoling himself with the knowledge that Maul can stop him if he ever goes berserk and needs to be stopped but still refusing to interact with Feral out of shame and fear.
  • Maul and Savage's growing dread regarding Feral's situation. First he doesn't answer when they try to contact him, then his vessel is found abandoned, then his objective was guarded by a Jedi who just left the planet...
  • When Wolffe sneeringly asks if the Nightsisters don't bother with earning their troops' loyalty, Feral bluntly answers they couldn't care less; then he confesses how Ventress murdered around a dozen of Nightbrothers before she picked her champion, and no one tried to oppose her because it was expected. This is what being a male entails on Dathomir.
    • And if a male isn't slaughtered, it leaves their other function. Savage is actually grateful for Feral's awkwardness and runtiness as it meant no female would consider him prime choice to sire children, and training as a Sith made him even more unavailable. Then Mother Talzin points how useless Feral is as a Dark Side-user, so it would be more pragmatic to send him back to the Temple and let the Nightsisters constantly rape him to produce another generation. It's telling that Maul objects to this possibility.
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    • Savage actually was picked for sexual relations at least once. Imagine living this kind of soul-shattering trauma, and then learning your baby sibling might be the next in line, and you're not sure he possesses the mental fortitude to endure that and not be driven insane or suicidal. Yeah, Savage's horror is much justified there.
  • Mother Talzin suddenly activating Feral's throat-mark in order to activate his brainwashing and turn him into her docile, assassinating puppet. The target? Plo Koon.
    • Wolffe and Sinker are in the cell when it happens and are able to feel something's just wrong. Then Feral starts to move and act weirdly, and everything goes to hell.
  • Savage on Seking, desperately trying to reign his temper in and not going on a murderous rampage. His struggle to not lose control is rather reminiscent of mental illness, from the violent kind. And he doesn't have Maul to keep him in line, so the damage would be severe.

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