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Nightmare Fuel / Redaction of the Golden Witch

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  • Andromalius' daggers. One functions as a One-Hit Kill, turning the victim to dust. The other runs with his own poisonous blood. Those stung by it are plunged into a painful, paralyzing haze fueled by their own guilt, which they're forced to confront.
  • The Normally, I Would Be Dead Now sequence, which starts with Kanon's heart getting pulped by a shot from 410's bow and only amps up from there.
  • How Black Battler enters the Tea Party. What better way to introduce oneself than to turn the Summoner into your personal marionette?
    • Then there's his intention to use the Red Truth to take down Meta!Battler. He's such an Omnicidal Maniac that he's actually eager to take down his other self just for the hell of it.