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History NightmareFuel / RedactionOfTheGoldenWitch

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* Andromalius' daggers. One functions as a OneHitKill, turning the victim to dust. The other runs with his own poisonous blood. Those stung by it are plunged into a painful, paralyzing haze fueled by their own guilt, which they're forced to confront.
* The NormallyIWouldBeDeadNow sequence, which starts with [[spoiler:Kanon's heart getting ''pulped'' by a shot from 410's bow]] and only amps up from there.
* How [[spoiler:Black Battler]] enters the Tea Party. What better way to introduce oneself than to [[spoiler:turn the Summoner into your personal marionette]]?
** Then there's his intention to [[spoiler:use the Red Truth to take down Meta!Battler. He's such an OmnicidalManiac that he's actually ''eager'' to take down his other self just for the hell of it]].

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