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Funny / Redaction of the Golden Witch

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  • In the middle of trying to encourage Kanon, the Summoner grasps his shoulders and goes into a Rousing Speech borrowing heavily from various song lines.
  • Karl's theory on what happened to the Ushiromiya Family: He thinks that the servants and Beatrice were all secret agents employed by a shadowy international cabal that wanted to get Kinzo's gold, but were involved in a bloody shootout with Kinzo's children. The 1996!Protagonist's reaction to hearing that Karl and Hiro want to present their theories to Professor Ootsuki is even more hilarious:
    '96 Protagonist: Oh fuck. Oh FUCK.
  • During the Magic version of what happened to the 1996 Witch Hunters, the 1996!Protagonist notices that Eva-Beatrice is arguing with her employees on a cell phone. What makes this even more funny is that she seems to be arguing with them about something Ange did.
  • Battler using the Blue Truth to try and guess the Summoner's name, coming up with Princess Winnifred McWoobiton.
  • Battler's fixation on getting a Badass Cape.
  • When the Art Shift starts, the characters involved can't seem to stop Leaning on the Fourth Wall, such as pointing out their surprise at being able to tell each other's eye color.
  • The Summoner forgoes chess metaphors and analogies for the sake of using poker analogies. Why? Because she sucks at chess.
    Summoner: This is my strategy for winning chess. Don't play chess.