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Nightmare Fuel / The Rise Of Golus

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One of our heroes, everyone.

Despite being a relatively tame arc compared to future works, there are some moments that stand out.

  • Golus. This gigantic construct of pure destruction managed to worf 10 powerful characters in one battle. He also severely wrecked New York and probably claimed a bunch of casualties.
    • At one point in Part 1, a family is about to be crushed to death by his foot by accident. Worse yet, the children are stuck inside. The city's going through a straight-up Kaiju attack at the moment!
    • That unblinking stare...
    • At one point, he fries Discord with incredibly painful eye beams. Marceline gets it worse, as she (in her tentacle monster form) is fried by a lightning sword arm Golus has in store. She still has the scar on her back come Part 4.
    • As shown in Part 3, he seems to have the mindset of a confused child. Just who decided to unleash this hapless thing onto the world? As of Part 4, it's all but confirmed that it's that type of creature.
  • Imagine being the innocent people trapped in New York City with tons of destruction around you and a large Golem ready to spring into action. It's also heavily implied that the Review Team might have gone insane from being trapped in a Prism Prison had they not been rescued.
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  • Starscream at the mercy of Scylass. The bitter irony is right there. Heck, her first appearance is a Jump Scare.
  • Meta-Ridley's new design. Lovingly shown on this page.
  • Cerberus the Pug may look cute, but when he unleashes several heat-whips from his back, prepare to be pumped full of lava-like fluid. Talk about a pint-sized death machine!
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  • Turns out, those characters you use in YTPs? They're aware of what you make of them. Maybe some of them, like Gwonam, but they still know. Doubles as a tearjerker.
  • Golus going completely ape on the heroes when Sir destroys his toy rocketship. After spending so much time being a dumb brute with child-like tendences, we finally get to see him do some real damage. Gwonam is even killed during the destruction! He also looks like this.
  • The Great Evil stirs. That alone is enough to tell you things are about to get FAR WORSE...
    • In the OST, we also get a good fright when a POP noise is heard and his laughter rings through the ears of unlucky headphone users.

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