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Funny / The Rise Of Golus

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When one of your characters is a feasible Deadpool clone, this should be expected.

  • The Jersey Shore joke at the beginning.
  • "We're out of pizza bagels!"
  • The sounds of the city, as described by Z-Squared, who makes it a reason why he doesn't get out much.
  • Golus trying to crush Discord. Trying.
    • Though more on the less-funny side, Discord decides to taunt Golus again, but this time, the creature actually growls with anger and blasts him out of the sky with homing eye lasers.
  • Gwonam's in this fanfic. That alone is gold.
    • His attitude also fluctuates between an eccentric mentor to a guy who's just plain sick of what's happening.
  • The Screamer-Sub. It runs on a toy made for children, for Pete's sake!
  • Fofo the Harpy Eagle of Z-Squared might be an awesome character, but her name is the Portuguese word for "cute".
  • Meta-Ridley, upon seeing Gwonam arrive at his house, bows down to him, thinking him to be the "Meatloaf God" and apologizes for eating his wife's meatloaf. The wizard is not quite prepared for this insanity.
    • Later, the word-for-word redoing of the famous YTP Faces of Evil intro cinematic...involving Meta-Ridley's initiation into the adventure.
  • Cerberus the Pug appears! And he proves to be a capable fighter.
    • Let me repeat. A giant metal dragon, a humanoid squid, and a wizard had to be saved BY A PUG. Wow.
  • Meta-Ridley's attempt at flying a plane. It gets the group stranded in the mountains.
    • The Can-Can is also playing for added effect.
  • The entire snowball scene in Part 4. As the cover and music can attest.
  • In the final part, we have Godzilla 2000's reaction to Meta-Ridley.
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  • Just try to imagine the whole Brigade trying to sing "Fly Me to the Moon" on the elevator.
  • Sir FINALLY getting his comeuppance at the hands of his team.
    Meta-Ridley: "Hey, I don't know about you all, but I hope there's a whole chapter in which we just BEAT UP ON SIR!"

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