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Heartwarming / The Rise Of Golus

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What a jolly crew they are!

  • During the whole "Rise of Golus" arc, Sir feels genuine concern for his teammates. Sure, he makes a few really big mistakes, but he feels awful once he discovers their imprisonment.
  • A bit YMMV, but the conversation between Z-Squared and Marceline shows a lot about their friendship. Similar likes and all. No matter how sick and twisted the sudject matter is.
  • During the rampage of Golus, Z-Squared sees a family trying to escape. Sticking to his morals, he buys them time to get their kids and flee.
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  • After Meta-Ridley gives a comedic kiss to Gwonam, he gives a plaful flick of his tongue against Nicole's nose. Awww...
  • Fofo came on her own volition to help her owner.
    • As did Cerberus.
  • Gwonam acting like a fun-loving and caring mentor around Squidward. How could you not like him?
  • Fluttershy encouraging Golus to build rather than destroy.
    • Even back in Part 1, she showed concern for the apparently blameless creature.
  • When Cerberus finishes off Scorpius, he walks up to Meta-Ridley and starts licking his tail.
    • Also, it's a pug. It's as cute as it gets!
  • Part 4 had a few major ones.
    • After Squidward and Gwonam tell each-other how they suck at life (in ways described in the other page), they start to warm up to each-other even more. Especially after Squidward begins to learn how to use water magic.
    • Fluttershy continues to get on Golus's good side as he watches the guy build various objects out of rubble. He even plays with a make-shift spaceship as a child would play with a toy.
    • When Aslan reunites with the pets, he's getting nuzzled by Fofo and licked by Cerberus.
  • The Review Team, in the final part, is glad to see that the Brigade has finally arrived. Z-Squared's reunion with the pets really counts.
    • Later, during the battle and after, we get to see how much Gwonam and pals have rubbed off on Squidward. He goes from the pessimistic coward to a guy who'll not stop until the job's done.
    • Which makes it all the more harder to watch Gwonam bite it.
  • Golus despite all the havoc everyone including him went though, got to die a peaceful death.
    • Before that, when Sir destroys his toy rocket and he unleashes his final form, Fluttershy and the others offer to make him a new one. This actually manages to calm him down...until Sir ruins everything AGAIN.

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