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Awesome / The Rise Of Golus

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Daigokun was happy enough to put the final battle into perspective.

And it only got better with the re-write...

  • The power of Golus is a force to be reckoned with.
    • His appearance is nothing short of imposing, as he towers over all the heroes present.
    • He's got homing eye lasers that can take down a chaos god! Also, he manages to take out Marceline's tentacle form by use of a shrapnel sword powered by lightning. OUCH.
  • Starscream deciding to take it like a man and fight off Scylass when she starts to break apart his sub. Later, he gets a go to fight her with various weapons the sub has, including a boxing glove.
  • Fofo the Harpy Eagle. This stoic Pet Shop inspired bird manages to take down Scylass for the moment by ramming through her tentacles.
    • Z-Squared owns this bird. Keep in mind Harpy Eagles (especially not super-powered ones like these) are not easy to train.
    • Her theme song may have been obvious, but dang, does it make for a good entrance.
  • Gwonam shows that he's not as powerless as we thought, as he manages to manipulate water to incapacitate some terrorists.
    • He even considers teaching Squidward. This should tip the scales...
  • Meta-Ridley, Squidward, and Gwonam going up against terrorists and a giant scorpion made of WEAPONS! To make matters even better, this track plays during the battle. The Poster is potentially awesome, as well.
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  • When the Scorpius construct goes one winged angel, who else comes to save the day other than Cerberus the Pug? Cute and funny, yes. Until he unleashes some heat whips from his back to burn the orb from the inside. Beware the pug.
  • In Part 4, we've got the final pet of the bunch. Meet Aslan the Great Pyrenees. The Ice-Bear never stood a chance against his lightning powers. Yeah. The absurdity is just that.
  • The final part commences and the final battle against Golus is set against THIS PIECE.
    • Psyche! Turns out, Golus is far from dead and, when he gets angry enough......well...
    • Eventually, an almost dead Gwonam gives Squidward a power boost that makes him become the FREAKING KRAKEN! Heck, the final battle is ended with a massive tidal wave!
    • The REAL final track...
  • This line:
    Meta-Ridley: "Hey, I don't know about you all, but I hope there's a whole chapter in which we just BEAT UP ON SIR!"

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