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Heartwarming / Rise of the Dragon Child

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  • Balgruuf's reward to Harry after the fight against Mirmulnir is this. Harry is an orphan who just ran from an abusive household. Balgruuf allows him to stay in Dragonsreach for as long as he wants, effectively making the keep his new home. Harry is so shocked he tears up.
    He'd been given a home in return. The one thing he didn't have in his homeworld.
  • The adults of Skyrim are, as a whole, more aware of Harry's condition than Earth's Wizards and take steps to make sure he's safe. Out to raid a barrow? With the exception of Ustengrav, Harry is never alone, and he isn't alone against dragons either. Even during Blood on the Ice, Torbjorn questions the wisdom of leaving a teenager go after a serial killer alone and tags along. Harry acknowledges it and appreciates it.
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  • Harry and Farkas's friendship. Farkas pretty much acts like a cool elder brother toward Harry and Kodlak notes that the two share the same natural kindness. He is Harry's favorite among the Companions.
  • One thing Harry hates is bad parenting. When he meets Sissel, he defends her from her father and, upon hearing of her dreams about a friendly dragon, has her meet Paarthurnax. Paarthurnax decides to take the girl to become a Greybeard.
    • Another child's fate: Sofie, the flower girl from Windhelm, reveals to be a powerful Restoration mage. She is instantly adopted by the couple watching Talos's shrine, no question asked.
  • During A Night to Remember, Harry dreams of the events of the Oblivion Crisis and witnesses the events leading to Martin becoming Akatosh. As past and present merge, Akatosh uses the bond he shares with Harry to encourage him.
  • Harry's reaction to being offered somewhere to build a house is heavy enthusiasm at the thought of finally having a place to call home. When the small house is finally built at the end of Home 4.1, all he feels is pure joy.
    Farkas: Don't go all misty-eyed yet, whelp! This is only the start.
    • His reaction to Lakeview being fully functional in Interlude: Hogwarts is even better. Along with the tears, he outright jumps up and down while whooping and laughing/crying in Balgruuf's chest. Then he throws a huge house-warming party to celebrate. To say how much the house means to him, the Blood Bond that was protecting him broke during the party, signaling Harry considers Lakeview to be his true home rather than Privet Drive.
  • Home 4,5 brings Harry's reunion with Ron and Hermione. At first, he is shocked into outright speechlessness. Then he rushed in their arms. Ron and Hermione are just as happy to see their friend again. Even better, Harry made dinner since he had been informed he would have guest, but he didn't know who it would be. Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore end up loving it.
    • Before that, after completing "Ill met by moonlight", Harry offers Sinding to join the Companions since they are also werewolves and can restrain him if he ever loses control. Sinding is very thankful.

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