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Funny / Rise of the Dragon Child

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  • The first time Harry uses the Warp Whistle ability of his map to go from Riverwood to Dragonsreach... he and Lydia end in a pile in front of the castle's door.
  • Learning a Shout is one thing. Using it properly, as Harry discovers, is another. The first time he uses FUS, he ends up accidentally wrecking his room. When he learns Whirlwind Sprint, the first time has him take too long and ram in the door while the second has him faceplant in the snow.
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  • The reaction of everyone who learns just what Harry did to get Ulfric to leave Whiterun alone is either awe or a fierce laughing fit that a scrawny teenager could get the biggest badasses of Skyrim to fold it.
  • After the events of Dustman's Cairn, the Companions celebrate appropriately. It ends with Harry drunkenly singing Nord Mead and collapsing straight into Balgruuf's arms. The following hangover makes him regret his decision.
  • There is something shiny in Shimmermist Grotto. Harry gets curious and manages to bypass the Falmer and reach the end of the cave... only for the Nightprowler to wake up the nearby Dwemer Centurio. Cue Harry running hell for leather to the exit, even crashing into Farkas after using Whirlwind Sprint.
  • A Night to Remember. That is all.
  • What does Harry do when Rolff calls him a lizard lover after he helped some Argonians? Why, kick him in the water, of course!
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  • Tullius and Ulfric enter the Bannered Mare right as Mikhaïl sings his new song, Age of the Dragons. Awkwardness ensues.
  • Harry just can't seem to get a Thu'um right on the first try. First time using FUS: he wrecks his room. Whirlwind Sprint: he faceplants. Twice. Fire Breath: he incinerates the vampire lord and the book and pulpit between them. Elemental Fury? He only understood the first Word, not the second, so the Shout did absolutely nothing. And he was using Dawnbreaker at the time so it would have been useless anyway. Vilkas doesn't hesitate to tease him.

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