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  • In Bleak Falls Barrow, Lydia is knocked by the draugr keeping the Word Wall, who backhands Hedwig a moment later. Harry reacts to the offense by yanking its axe out of its hands, eviscerating the zombie and opening its head. This is before he is revealed to be the Dragonborn.
    • The fight against Mirmulnir counts as well. Harry is exhausted from raising Bleak Falls Barrow and Helgen is still fresh in his mind, yet he doesn't hesitate to follow Irileth to the tower and supports the guards through healing and enhancement. When a guard falls, he and Irileth pull an Eye Scream on the dragon and, as soon as he recovered from the high of absorbing his soul, the first thing he does is exhaust himself further healing a guard that was caught in its breath.
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  • Harry is reluctant to use the Thu'um on the Greybeards. The Greybeards reasure him by greeting him in dovahzul... and causing an earthquake in the process.
  • Harry finally learns the complete Unrelelting Force at the end of Dragonborn 2,5, using the Shout for the first time. Then there's the Greybeards acknowledging him as the Last Dragonborn.
  • Harry meets Alduin again at Kynesgrove. Rather than being scared, he actually challenges the World Eater and Shouts him with Unrelenting Force. It does nothing, but Alduin does get angry and sends Sahloknir on him.
    • Ulfric, Galmar and Ralof are with Harry and Delphine during the fight. The jarl quickly prove why he leads the Stormcloaks by Shouting Sahloknir before it can chomp Ralof.
      • Later when Ulfric and Galmar refuse to abandon their views on Whiterun, Harry gets angry, threatens them, and would have started a fight right in the middle of the Palace of Kings if not for Paarthurnax's "friendly reminder" one doesn't simply threaten a dragon's possession... even if he looks like a teenager. Ulfric listens.
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  • Harry and Farkas's raid on Dustman's Cairn. It ends with the two standing Atop a Mountain of Corpses and slaying a dragon together right as they get out of the tomb.
  • Harry vs. Krenmulqah, the dragon attacking Dragon Bridge. Harry wanted to distract it, only for his plan to backfire when Krenmulqah makes the challenge a duel. Harry is alone, with his Shouts, his spells and the newly-aquired Dawnbreaker. At first, Krenmulqah gets the drop by knocking him against a building... then Farkas begins singing The Dragonborn Song/One They Fear (the true version, which normally only plays in Sovengarde, no less!) and the Companions, as well as all of Dragon Bridge, join him. This gives Harry the strength to rise, overcome Krenmulqah and kill him.
  • How did Farkas woo the hagraven during A Night to Remember? He killed a dragon, in its own lair, while stark naked and blackout drunk. Drunken Master at its finest.
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  • Skjor is nearly killed by Krev the Skinner. Harry flips out, impales the bastard and beheads him. Then he saves Skjor despite him having lost an arm.
  • Twenty-four Thalmor battlemages against a teenage Dragonborn. No contest, right? Yes, for the Dragonborn. Heroic RRoD ensues, but still…
  • In the third chapter of the Home arc, Harry ends up working for Clavicus Vile. When faced with the in-game dillema of killing Barbas with the axe or giving back both… Harry decides to leave with both, effectively scamming the Prince of Wishes. Did You Just Scam Cthulhu? at its finest.
  • Interlude: Hogwarts counts as a Wham Episode for several reasons, the return of the Wizarding World being one of them. When Snape finally calls out Harry for his (perceived) behavior, Akatosh proceeds to possess Harry… and tell what he thinks of Hogwarts and its teachers' own behavior toward him. His "The Reason You Suck" Speech is particularly unpleasant, and painfully accurate. Better yet, Akatosh specifically calls Snape out on his projecting of James on Harry, causing the potion master to remain dead silent until the end of the chapter.
  • Home 4,4 brings up the fight against Mulraanah, the dragon at Ancient's Ascent. What makes the fight awesome along with heartwarming is the sight of a dragon showing honor when the proximity with the Word Wall makes Harry lose awareness and struggle against his foe. Now, regular people would use the opportunity to their advantage. Instead, Mulraanah apologizes for not noticing earlier and lets Harry learn the Word before getting back at it.
  • Home 4,5 gives us the "Ill met by moonlight" quest. This time, Harry outright denies Hircine's request and resolves to protect Sinding. Then the pair goes Back-to-Back Badasses against the other hunters and, when faced with Hircine, Harry points how he made good on his word. Rather than getting mad as he expects, Hircine rewards them both, by purifying the ring and giving Harry the Bow of the Hunted, a bow that fires stronger shots the mightier the target he is after. And he gives it to Harry with the near-explicit purpose of hunting dragons.

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