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Timeline / Rise of the Dragon Child

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A small reference, both for the author and the readers...


Last Seed:

  • 10th: Thalmor attack on Blades, leading to the death of Rael, the True Dragonborn.
  • 15th: Harry’s Tamrielic birthday
  • 17th: Start of Outsider Arc. Alduin returns from the Time Wound and attacks Helgen
  • 18th: Harry reaches Riverwood, then goes to Whiterun
  • 19th: Raid on Bleak Falls Barrow, Mirmulnir attacks the Southern Tower and is killed. Harry learns the word "FUS"
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  • 20th: Harry settles in Dragonsreach
  • 21st: Start of Dragonborn Arc. Paarthurnax takes Harry to the Greybeards. Harry learns the words "WULD" and "ROH"
  • 29th: Raid on Ustengrav, Harry meets Delphine and is acknowledged as a Dragonborn. Harry learns the words "FEIM" and "DAH", thereby learning the full Unrelenting Force Shout.
  • 30th: Fight at Kynesgrove, Ulfric officially acknowledges Whiterun’s neutrality



  • 1st: Start of Companions Arc. Harry joins the Companions and begins to properly train in the art of the sword
  • 5th: Message from Solitude, the Imperial Legion acknowledges Whiterun’s neutrality
  • 15th: Harry’s first mission – Dustman’s Cairn, first time drinking & Nord Mead. Harry learns the word "YOL"
  • 16th: First hangover
  • 18th: Shimmermist Grotto, Harry finds Meridia’s beacon, Sissel is sent to High Hrothgar
  • 19th: Cleaning Mt. Kilkreath, Harry receives Dawnbreaker, fight against Krenmulqah. Harry learns the word "SU"
  • 22nd: A Night to Remember begins, Harry receives the Sanguine Rose and realizes he’s been tricked
  • 23rd: Harry retrieves Farkas in Markarth
  • 24th: Ennis’s goat at Rorikstead, they learn about Ysolda’s ring and Vilkas hears about the incident, Balgruuf shows them the Daedric Vault and Harry dreams of the Oblivion Crisis
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  • 25th: Hagraven divorce, Farkas figures what happened that night, Bonestrewn Crest, the pair befriend the mages of Morvunskar. Harry learns the word "FO"
  • 28th: Farkas and Ahlam start seeing each other.

Frost Fall:

  • 3rd: Giant hunting, Harry helps Cicero & the Alik’r hurt Ahlam, so the Companions hunt them, get Amren’s sword at the same time. The Companions take down the Silver Hand at Gallows Rock to celebrate, Skjor loses an arm, they discover Rael’s remains at Talos’s shrine and Harry has his blade repaired.
  • 4th: Harry gets Rael’s repaired blade, but finds out he doesn’t know how to use it.
  • 10th: Skjor returns.
  • 11th: Blood on the Ice, Sofie is revealed to be a natural healer and is taken to the Shrine of Talos. Harry decides to walk the way back, but Ambush at Valtheim. Harry vs 25 Thalmor battlemages. He wins, but suffers from Battle Fever as a result.
  • 18th: Harry recovers from Battle Fever and can leave his bed, but is weak from the fever.
  • 20th: Ulfric and Tullius meet at Dragonsreach and talk about the ceasefire with Balgruuf and how to punish the Thalmor. Harry meets Kunovaak and the Altmer renegades. Harry learns the word "KUN"
  • 23rd: Start of Home Arc. Message from jarl Siddgeir, Harry goes to Falkreath and gets Lakeview. Construction begins.
  • 26th: The small house is built.
  • 27th: raiding Pinewatch
  • 28th: raiding Sunderstone Gorge – TOOR + SHUL learned from Paarthurnax.
  • 29, 30, 31st: raiding Bilegulch Mine, Brittleshin Pass, Moss Mother Cavern & Greywater Grotto. The main hall is built.

Sun’s Dusk:

  • 1st: Storming Shriekwind Bastion & Bloodlet Throne – GRAH is learned.
  • 3rd: A Daedra’s Best Friend, Barbas joins Harry, who accept to have Delphine teach him katana-wielding.
  • 4th: training starts.
  • 6th: The Blessing of Nature, Hedwig gains a maidenowl (owl-like hagraven) form
  • 8th: Kitchen and sleeping room built. Lakeview is technically functional (cave and trophy room will be added at a later date), Interlude: Hogwarts.
  • 10th: fight at Ancient's Ascent - RAAN is learned.
  • 13th: Ill met by moonlight, Harry gets the Bow of the Hunted and gives Oathkeeper to Delphine, Sinding joins the Companions, Ron and Hermione are reunited with Harry.

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