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Nightmare Fuel / Something Always Remains

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  • Mike, Vanna, Will and Bonnie Wickes all had to deal with someone in their life disappearing without a trace and never coming back. No clues, no closure. Just there one day and gone the next.
    • In Vanna's case, her whole family tried to alter her memories of the incident, going so far as to throw away any possessions tied to it, and to gaslight her into submission until she wasn't sure it happened at all.
  • Puppet trying to keep Bonnie Wickes from drinking has some parallels to a small child trying to deal with an out-of-control parent.
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  • There is some Real Life horror in that Bonnie Wickes’ situation is unfortunately Truth in Television. Women have been killed simply for turning a guy down.
  • If a ghost is (actively) stuck in its vessel too long, it slowly becomes an unholy combination of its human form and the animatronic it haunts.
  • The fates of all who died:
    • Vesper Belrose suffocated alone, trapped in the Puppet's box. She was also only four years old and crying for her mom and sister, in the dark, all alone, having an asthma attack, and unable to get out because Spring Bonnie weighed the top of the box down. Her only comfort was the Puppet hugging her until she finally died.
    • Bonnie Wickes was murdered in the very spring suit she built, by a man she once called her friend. The last thing she heard was him mocking her as she bled out, while one of her creations tried and failed to help her.
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    • Freddy Wickes was buried alive under the foundation of the business he helped to build. Made worse in that he broke his back when he landed, and the person he tried to grab for help let him fall — after breaking his fingers just to take his wedding ring as a victory trophy.
    • Jeremy Fitzgerald died the same way as Bonnie, in the same suit, but to add to his torture, he was claustrophobic, which only made him panic more and loosen the spring locks more easily. Prior to that, the things he was doing to protect himself - putting on the mask and winding the music box - actually did the exact opposite and left him vulnerable to the Smiling Man because the animatronics couldn't protect him. When he finds this out, he sobs that he signed his own death warrant.


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