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Nightmare Fuel / I Against I, Me Against You

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  • No matter how comedic he is, O'Malley is a terrifying villain. He's able to take over people AND ponies and use their bodies for his destructive purposes, which are to kill and destroy. Why does he want to kill and destroy? Because, other than being the anger part of the Alpha, he thinks it's fun. He is essentially Evil Pinkie Pie.
    • Speaking of which, guess which pony he takes over first?
    Pinkie Pie: "My name... is... O'Malley!"
    • Horror goes up exponentially if you read Cupcakes.
    • Imagine you are the most happiest pony around that lives to make other ponies smile, but one day, you look at these same ponies and you start thinking about murdering them in the most gruesome ways possible. You get angry more often and you threaten those that annoy you, no matter who they are. Pretty soon, you find yourself attempting to kill your friends and taking pleasure from their misery. Finally, to make matters worse, you believe that deep down inside, you have always felt that way and that this is the real you.
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    • Using Pinkie's body, O'Malley threatens to bake a child into a pie, attempts to kill Rarity and only succeeds in burning down her home, and threatens to eat the Cake Twins.
    • During a psychiatric meeting that Pinkie is forced to attend, O'Malley decides to give the good doctor something to think about:
    Pinkie Pie/O'Malley: "Tell me, do you think of yourself as powerful, Ms. Minuette? Getting inside ponies’ minds and reshaping them as you see fit? I know what that feels like. You and I actually have a lot in common in that regard. The main difference is, I can do it more efficiently! Even after I’m gone, those that I’ve been in still have a piece of me left! You can’t get inside my head, you fool! I am the very concept of what you do!"
    • In Chapter 8, Pinkie Pie/O'Malley tricks the citizens of Ponyville to go to the Town Hall so he can burn the building down with them still inside!
    • Even after O'Malley is removed from Pinkie, he gets the last laugh. The murderous images he gave to Pinkie are still stuck in her head, and she attempts to seclude herself in order to keep her friends safe, thinking that she is danger to everyone around her.
    O'Malley: "Even after I’m gone, those that I’ve been in still have a piece of me left!"
    • To matters worse, O'Malley isn't the reason the story earned its Dark heading!
  • The Great Destroyer has arrived. The end is near.
    • The first thing Meta does is that he goes to Dodge City and massacres almost every single pony there and burns the city to the ground.
    We Are The Meta
    • While Meta fights Applejack and Rainbow Dash, who are both losing, Fluttershy attempts to save them using The Stare, but her stare is reflected off the Meta's helmet causing her to give The Stare to herself!