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Nightmare Fuel / Viridescent

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"Now then...let me kill some time until All Might gets here...and burn you to death, O fiery hero."
Hisashi Midoriya, aka Heat Viper to Endeavor, Chapter 28

In General

  • Izuku's entire life had been filled with trepidation due to his fear that society will shun him because he's the son of an infamous villain named Heat Viper.
  • The mere fact that society will shun and discriminate towards anyone who's related to a villain regardless of their innocence or not is pretty chilly.

In Viridescent

  • In Chapter 1, when Izuku use his Quirk for the first time in seven years on the Slug Villain to saved Katsuki, the first latter realize that the former is the child of Heat Viper after seeing the Quirk up close. The Slug Villain even out right calls Izuku a monster.
    • Izuku reveal to All Might that when his Quirk manifested, it was when he was in the second grade and his teacher back then had a heart attack from seeing his fire. Izuku even revealed that her husband was one of the many victims of his father.
  • After Izuku publicly revealed himself to be the son of Heat Viper during his match with Shoto at the Sports Festival, the public was immediately wary and distrustful of him just for being related to such a high-profile villain, despite Izuku wasn't even being born by the time his father's rampage took place.
    • The day the students return to school after the Sports Festival, a crowd gathered at U.A. to demand Izuku be kicked out of U.A.
    • Ochako finding a note from an unknown student telling Izuku to kill himself as a way to apologize to the people his villain father had killed and wronged.
  • In Chapter 20, Hisashi escapes his incarceration during the prison transfer, along with Muscular and Moonfish. Faced with the knowledge that his father is free, Izuku suffers a heavy panic attack and passes out.
    • When Hisashi enters the bar, his arrival caused a would-be fight between the League of Villains to stop. The fact that villains like Muscular and Moonfish immediately standing down shows just how respected and feared he is among them.
  • In Chapter 24, which is one of many Wham Episodes for this story, there are many scary moments.
    • Izuku and Hisashi meet for the first time, and it's clear Izuku is the target.
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    • Hisashi casually takes aim at Ochako and Kota, forcing Izuku to use One For All at 100%.
      • However, it's this that made Hisashi realize that All Might give One For All to his son, causing Heat Viper to roar All Might's name to the heavens in fury. The man was so angry that he generated an explosion which devoured many of the trees in the forest there. Hisashi came out of the destruction with a scowl on his face and his eyes blazing, which set both the heroes and villains in the area on-edge.
    • Heat Viper ordering Izuku to come to him immediately in a dangerous tone. The entire scene is disturbingly familiar to an abusive parent telling their child to come to them before hurting them.
    • In the end, Heat Viper incapacitates The Pussycats, Katsuki, and Izuku with horrifying ease and takes his son away.
  • In Chapter 26, Izuku meets All For One for the first time with the latter reveals their relations. Even telling Izuku that he's his.
    All For One: "Quite honestly, I didn't think Hisashi's body was even fertile after all the experiments and how his Quirk was implanted into him. You have no idea what a happy accident you turned out to be for me, Izuku…One of my most successful experiments, producing an even greater result… It's the sort of thing that many researchers only dream of. The latent gene for All for One, which was dormant in Hisashi, was likely triggered due to its combination with your mother's Quirk- the ability to attract small objects. Whether it was by fate or chance…you are, in a way, one of my "children". You are mine."
    • All For One sending his own grandson to train with three Noumus who could kill him. All For One even tells Izuku while the latter is unique, he's not invaluable.
  • In Chapter 29, Heat Viper effortlessly crushes Endeavor, the Number 2 hero. note 
  • In Chapter 36, Himiko's blood withdrawl reaches a terrifying high. She escapes her room and the entire sequence plays out like a scene from a horror movie. When Izuku finds her, she's looking at him in a mirror, much like the red demon from Insidious. When she finally drinks his blood, she takes so much that he falls unconscious.
  • In Chapter 39, Izuku and All For One talk. He explains Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, the Eight Percepts of Death, and the creation of the Quirk-Destroying bullets. Izuku combusts, because his legal grandfather just explained the torture Eri had been through before he met her.
  • In Chapter 47, Eri meets Chisaki again for the first time in months. As expected, she's terrified, not only at the idea of going back to him, but losing the very first people to show her love.
  • In Chapter 52, Eri is kidnapped and brought back to Overhaul and the Eight Percepts of Death. When he tells her that they will "have words," she locks up out of fear. She begs for Izuku mentally, knowing what awaits her if he doesn't find her.
  • In Chapter 54, Izuku, while on a Trigger-induced rampage, reduces Overhaul to a smoking carcass even as his own body is incinerated to the bone by his own uncontrollable power.
  • In Chapter 55, Overhaul wakes up, alive, only to find himself at the nonexistent mercy of Tomura and Doctor Ujiko.


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