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Nightmare Fuel / Greyjoy Alla Breve

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This is A Song of Ice and Fire. If you thought this would be anything but nightmarish, no matter how happy it might or might not end, you haven't been paying attention...

  • What horrors Joffrey enacted on those poor villagers. Who knows how many more would have died like that if Lancel hadn't sent scouts ahead to warn them in time.
  • Ramsay Bolton. With flamethrowers and guns. Even scarier, he has a raging man-crush on the SI.
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  • Bran's vision of what will happen to his family if the Others manage to win. Extra points for Theon becoming the clockwork, dark version of a cyborg.
  • Euron Greyjoy is actually aware of the heavily modified timeline, and he knows his nephew is responsible for it. His goal? Using Theon to gain the power of rewinding the timeline again and shape the world as he desires. Even worse, Theon is on his way to meet Daenerys Targaryen, who's hosting Euron.