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Nightmare Fuel / Goodbellas

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In a fanfic when the mafia are defending their home from even worse villains, nightmare fuel is to be expected.

Spoilers are unmarked, so this page isn't for the faint-hearted.

  • "The Mancunian Candidate" has the massacre Blake inflicts on the White Fang. Granted, she was avenging her father's death, but imagine being on the receiving end of a female version of The Punisher.
  • "1989" mentions an incident involving Nora and an illegally sourced grenade launcher against a group of violent weed growers, which causes Yang (the firebug of the group) to heave at that.
  • "Business As Usual" contains a line about a Noodle Incident during a bikie war that came too close to the Vale in the previous year. The incident ended with Ren giving Yang a biker's corpse to dispose of ... once said biker had a big weight lifted off his shoulders.
  • "The Goon Show Incident" has two standout moments of this.
    • The first shows the game plan from Roman and his group; they plan to gentrify the west end of town and impoverish the southern end, then set up a crime trade and run when the authorities start sniffing around.
    • The second of these shows Yang and Nora getting raped by Adam and Neon respectively, while the rest of team FNKI stand guard. Even Blake, who'd butchered the whole of the White Fang at twenty, was horrified at what happened.
  • "Untouchable" features this twice, combined with Moment of Awesome on both counts. Ruby and Ren respectively avenge Yang and Nora, by giving Adam Taurus and team FNKI some of the worst deaths put to paper.
    • First, Ren and his crew manage to kidnap team FNKI and place them within Yang's painting booth - which has conveniently been covered with plastic matting a la Dexter. Ren then proceeds to hoist Neon (who'd raped Nora while the others guarded the van) onto a hook, shoved a crowbar up her womanhood and "stirred it like his coffee". After complaining in a Tyrian-esque manner about Neon being a candiless pinata, Ren then proceeds to bash Neon brutally with that crowbar, before removing her from the hook. What happens next manages to disgust his own men; Ren sheathes his penis in sandpaper ... and rapes her hard enough to cause her to bleed to death. The rest of the cops merely got burned and bashed in with hammers, before all four of them were dumped in their lockers at Atlas Station with cacti shoved up their backsides.
    • And second, Ruby shoots Adam's nuts off deep within a nature reserve, blinds him with a pair of knives, and duct-tapes his mouth, eyes and limbs together. Bundling him into his own van, Ruby finds a circular bandsaw within, and drives the van towards a barrel of unused oil within a quarry's blasting pit. She proceeds to saw him in half vertically, arse first, until she reaches his neck. Then, she chops his head off, places his halves upside down within the barrel, then floats his head on top. After taking a Polaroid, Ruby shoots a flare gun at the barrel and burns his remains.
  • "Enter The Pigs" shows a newly-graduated Velvet discovering the corpses of team FNKI, then getting called to the remains of Adam. She doesn't take either of these well. And to give an idea of how hard the deaths of the former rock the station, Port becomes The Alcoholic over the following month, Sun (who saw it second) was disgusted when he saw the scene (despite seeing several victims of the bikie wars), and even Penny (who's the forensic examiner) is unnerved.
  • "Lines Drawn" features the attempted rape of Neo by Roman, which only gets stopped when Neo gives Roman Ruby's address and passes it off as Blake's. The Manchild behaviour Roman indulges in is disturbing, to put it mildly.
  • "Watts The Fool Believes" has a minor freakout from Pyrrha when she sees just how prepared Watts was to burn the Vytal restaurant down.
    Much to her surprise, the car contained a small package of civilian-grade C4, complete with blasting caps and wires, along with a jerry can of petrol and a bunch of firestarters and cherry bombs. Thank Christ Blake had the foresight to send Ruby to spy on a funeral, Pyrrha shakily rationalised as she drove to the dealership. This stuff would've blown a massive hole in our income and driven Blake insane.
  • "Roman Invasion" shows just how scary meth addicts can be, in the form of Tyrian Callows. He fails to stop the car and break in as ordered by Emerald, then shoots wildly at the house and drives off cackling without Emerald. Of course, Neo gave Roman and co. the neighbouring address (believing that burgling Ruby was a bad move), and ended up shooting Qrow instead. Little wonder Emerald decided to stab him in the back.
  • "Fall Of The Roman Empire" has three moments. Emerald gets abducted and burnt on a pyre by Ren and Cardin, Mercury gets bashed to death and skewered with his leg braces by Russel and Dove, while Ruby guns Roman down and leaves his body within a shack that's minutes away from exploding.
  • It's brief, but "... Must Come To Their Ends" mentions the state Oscar was found in; his head had been severed and jammed halfway up his backside.
  • Ciel's ordeal in "Bunny Hopping" certainly gets in. Bound and gagged within the boot of a car, which gets driven in a high-speed chase from the southern edge of Sydney to the northern edge of Botany Bay and set to blow up. It's quite a relief when the cops get her out of there within half a minute of the explosion.