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Nightmare Fuel / Dayshift at Freddy's

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You know it's bad when even PURPLE GUY (albeit a Denser and Wackier version of him) is afraid of you.

Despite its silliness, Dayshift at Freddy's has some pretty frightening content. To be fair, it's a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame, so it's bound to have at least some.

Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • All of the events in the Purple Guy's route of the second game, if you choose to go through with it. These include;
    • Killing 5 children in the safe room
    • Rigging the Spring-Freddy suit so that the slightest movements kills the wearer (who, in this case, is Jimbo)
    • Tampering with the animatronics so they can't recognize you in the criminal database
    • Phone Guy's chilling speech to you in his office after performing the above actions. You know you've done something wrong when he starts to swear at you.
      Phone Guy: Employee, let me tell you something. I'm a very good boss. I run this place every single day. I usually see through bullshit quite easily. From the moment you've got here, every damn thing that could've gone wrong has gone wrong. You lured off kids and killed 'em with Dave. You've tampered with the robots and you've lied to me several times! I'm pretty sure you even had something to do with that suit going off in the show! It'd certainly explain why you arrived so late today... You didn't want to wear that suit. You rigged it to go off!
      Old Sport: Bravo, Sherlock! Bravo.
      Phone Guy: Yes, you dirtbag. You're a murderer. A killer. Nobody's denying that, except for you. Let me tell you something, employee. I can see right through Dave. Everyone can! That guy's transparent! He screams fake! "Old sport" this and "old sport" that! I mean... who says "old sport"?! He's artificial, and I can see that a mile away. But you. You've killed, tampered, lied and stolen! And the best part? You've destroyed every lick of evidence. All of the camera footage from this week is missing! I know you or Dave stole it just before the show! There isn't a damn thing I can show to the police! You're cunning, in a way that I've never seen before. Employee, I've gotta hand it to you... It takes the truth to fool me, or close to it. And you've played me for a goddamned fool. You're a wolf, employee. A suited predator. A wolf in sheep's clothing.
      Phone Guy: I don't understand you, employee. You overslept this morning... ...but, I can't understand how you can sleep at all. Are you a father, employee?
      Old Sport: No... I'm not a father.
      Phone Guy: Well, I am. I'm going to let you in on something that you haven't considered. It's Christmas in a month, did you know that? It's a lovely time of year, isn't it?
      Old Sport: Yeah, it's... Christmas is alright.
      Phone Guy: 10 parents are going to wake up on Christmas morning this year. They're gonna walk downstairs, to their living rooms. And you know what they're gonna see? Unopened presents, under their Christmas trees. Those presents will never be opened. Those presents won't ever be touched. That's where they'll stay. Under the Christmas tree. Stagnant and untouched... those presents will remain still and dead. Doesn't that sound familiar?
      Old Sport: Fine, fine, I get it.
      Phone Guy: No, I don't think you do. Unlike you, employee... I had to meet those 10 parents. I had to look them in the eyes, and lie to them. I had to tell them that there's still hope that their kids can be found. I had to resist the urge to tell them to look inside the robots. So that they could see their kids again, one last time... That's right, don't play me for a fool! I can smell them, employee. They're rotting, and I can smell them.
      Old Sport: Yeesh! Too much information.
      Phone Guy: Oh, I'm so sorry! Am I turning your stomach? How do you think I feel, employee? Did you even find out what those five children's names were? I did. I've been hearing those names nonstop for the last three days. Those parents know what happened to their kids. There's been 2 funerals so far. I attended the both of them. They lowered empty caskets into the ground. You and Dave didn't even leave them anything to bury.
      Old Sport: We actually left the bodies scattered.
      Phone Guy: You think that matters now? You murdered small children, employee! Do you think they were even old enough to understand that you were murdering them? I hope not. I cannot believe you've been sleeping! I haven't slept all week... Employee, I need to know... Please... Be honest with me, for once in your life. Do you feel any remorse for what you've done? Any at all? Even a twinge of regret?
      Old Sport: We both know that I don't.
      Phone Guy: I thought as much. I see the truth now, employee. I can see what you are. You're soulless. I can see it, in your eyes. We all can.
      Old Sport: And you are? Humans don't have phones for heads.
      Phone Guy: I'm more human than you'll ever be. Hell, the robots are more human than you are. Especially after you put people into them. You're a monster. I can see through that concealer, we all can. You have scars, deep, deep scars. Scars from an accident nobody in their right mind could survive. You look like you're decomposing! Whatever you are, you aren't human. Perhaps you once were, but you're certainly not now. Oh, and before I forget... You're fired. I'm done with you. Never come back. Now, get the fuck out of my office!
  • The Pure Evil ending, also dubbed "An Ending".
    • In order to get it, you start from the Gnarly ending of the first game and go through with the Purple Guy's route. When Dave asks you which animatronic to tamper with, choose BB.
    • You actually become so evil that the narrator of the game starts getting scared of you.
      Narrator: Okay, please step back (player). You're... a little too close for my liking. You're making me nervous now.
    • You actually fight Phone guy in this ending. After beating him, he realizes that you won't stop until you see him dead, so he begs you to kill him. You're just about to until Dave intervenes. At that point, Phone Guy decides to switch gears and pleads with Dave to get rid of you, not for his sake, but for Dave's.
      Phone Guy: Dave, I'm warning you… It's only a matter of time before you're next.
    • When you and Dave are about to leave for Vegas (like in the Radical Ending), you instead are confronted by The Real Fredbear. He concludes that showing you any mercy was a mistake. After you and him venomously tell Dave to back off, he proceeds to fight you.
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    • In the fight with The Real Fredbear, he tells Old Sport that the universe is rooting against you, that God is rooting against you. His response?
      Old Sport: I AM GOD
    • When he defeats The Great Fredbear after venomously telling him how much of a failure he is, Fredbear asks if this is what the kids would have wanted.
      Old Sport: No. Of course they wouldn't have wanted this. But... I do.
      (Old Sport kills Fredbear)
      (Dave reenters)
      Dave: Wow, old sport... I know we killed a fuckton of children together... but, I think you just killed the fuckin' concept of childhood.
      Old Sport: So... Vegas?
      Dave: Sure, old sport, sure... Can I walk behind you though?
      Old Sport: Why do you ask, David?
      Dave: Oh, I just... don't want you to be behind me, is all... So, let's go? Tomorrow is... [Beat] Let's just get going, okay?
    • When you start a new game after completing this ending, instead of the normal dialogue, Phone guy comments on how you're just creepily staring at him. When it's time to choose your name, the image is replaced with the Slasher Smile he sports in the ending screen. If you name yourself "Jack" (the first criteria to get the perfect ending), Phone guy comments that the name fits you; you look like a Jack'O lantern due to your orange face and "That large, soulless grin". He decides to preemptively end his lecture because he's afraid you'll kill him with a butcher knife. And that's just the beginning.
  • HENRY, full stop.
    • He's indirectly responsible for every death caused in a Freddy's. He's the reason Dave is going on his killing spree, and because The Real Fredbear brought Old Sport back to life to save his murder victims, if you go through with the Pure Evil ending, he's indirectly responsible for even more deaths.
    • He caused an incident in a Freddy's location that hospitalized 17 people, which caused Fazbender Entertainment to start putting cameras in their restrooms.
    • It's implied by Dave that while he died a few years before the events of the games, he still has some influence on the game's story, judging by this comment.
    • If you upgrade your security office completely, you can find some tapes recorded by Henry about his experiments regarding the nature of souls... and they are horrifying.
      • During a stage performance, Dave was painfully killed by a malfunction in his suit... or so it seemed. Turns out, Henry intentionally engineered the locks inside the suit to fail, just to place the blame on Dave for abducting the children used in the experiments and get away scot-free.
      • The only reason Dave is even still alive after the above incident is because he possessed his own corpse just to stay with Henry. Dave was so dependent on Henry that he DEFIED DEATH ITSELF to continue being with him... and Henry took full advantage of Dave's devotion, conditioning and manipulating him into being the perfect test subject.
      • What did being Henry's test subject involve for Dave? Well, not that much... except for Henry anesthetizing him once a month and removing his vital organs, including pieces of his frontal lobe. Holy shit!
    • It's revealed that when Old Sport was left in the Fredbear suit, he saw Henry putting something in the Spring Bonnie suit. When he pleads for help, all Henry does is laugh at him and leave him to die.
  • During the Happiest Day route, Old Sport can retell the story of his experience at Fredbear's and what it was like being trapped in the Fredbear suit to Phone Guy.
    Old Sport: The springlocks came loose, with me inside the suit. I tried to scream out, but I couldn't. Sharp metal and plastic tore my vocal chords. I tried to move, but I couldn't. Every movement dug jagged metal into my flesh. I lay in that backroom, for what seemed like days.
    Phone Guy: Oh, my Lord... that's horrible... Didn't anybody find you back there?
    Old Sport: Yes. Henry Miller did. The former co-owner of Fredbear's. The day after, I saw him enter the room. I could see him lurking in the room... Just beyond the eyeholes of the suit... He was holding something... I couldn't make out what it was. I found out later from the police. He stuffed it into one of the spare suits. After he stuffed it, he lingered back there. At one point, he looked right at me. He knew. He knew I was in there. He chuckled to himself and left the room. He left me in there. I lay in that suit for what felt like days. I'm pretty sure I died in that suit. [Beat] This is making me uncomfortable. I'll... end the story here.
  • The Downer Ending in Dayshift at Freddy's 3. HOLY FUCK.
    • To elaborate, in the ending, you wind up in a Freddy springlock suit in order to achieve immortality. Then, Dave realizes this hasn’t made him any happier, making you like him, so he heads over to the Fazbunker (as in, Circus Baby's) and opens up the chest, to show its contents, which is trinkets of his past victims. One of which is a red scarf belonging to Jack's sister. Jack doesn’t take this too well, and after hearing Henry's voice, decapitates Dave. (That comes with squelching sounds and visuals.) And then it turns out Henry is interested in Jack and his potential...
      • What follows may be the most pants shitting moment in all of DSaF, as the camera slowly pans up the decaying, rotten, animatronic monstrosity that Jack has become... and you can hear him laughing. It starts off as a normal chuckle, but then devolves into him being Laughing Mad, overlaid with Voice of the Legion for good measure, as "Psycho" Strings begin to play, the head with gross human teeth is showed, Jack’s laughter grows demonic, and then the lights go out, leaving the eyes, which go red and stare at you. And then, to finish it, you hear Henry’s voice, before the game closes itself.
        Henry: I always... come BACK.
  • Any of Shadow Doggo's speeches in the endings he's in (Besides the Happiest Day and Perfect ending).
  • During the management portion of Dayshift 3, you get repeated, sobering reminders that while you have good intentions, you are still managing a Freddy's establishment, and no matter how safe you try to make things it will still be likely cause bodily harm at some point due to the shoestring budget you're operating with, to the point of routinely scavenging the store for loose change. You can deal with lawsuits over loose tiling that permanently maims a child. You can try to make a unisex and disability accessible bathroom, but risk customers hurting themselves in line. But the most dire one of all is that you can have someone designated to help with costumed performances, but hear the very next time you check in that they died to a springlock failure, thankfully one that killed them instantly. You then have to decide to either bury the body or have them sent to become another Phone Guy.