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Nightmare Fuel / Team 8

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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

Chapter 5

  • Hinata having to face her father, and the abusive off-screen training.

Chapter 7

  • The enemy ninjas that the team faces are quite ruthless and sadistic. Then Naruto taps into the Nine-Tails power, and turns it into a Mook Horror Show.

Chapter 13

  • Orochimaru, chilling as always.

Chapter 16

  • Naruto is shockingly brutal to Neji, which Sakura lampshades next chapter. Both him and Shino threatened worse previously, to avenge Hinata; Naruto evidently wasn't joking.

Chapter 20

  • Itachi's Tsukuyomi of Konoha becoming a lynch mob is disturbingly palpable. The escape solution Kurenai comes up with isn't much comfort either; the logical conclusion of such an event (particularly Hinata's death) is Naruto unleashing the Nine-Tails and killing everyone in the fallen village.
  • Itachi faces Naruto, and inadvertently gives the malevolent Nine-Tails temporary control over his body.


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