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Nightmare Fuel / An Encore From My Crying Heart

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Chapter I

  • The aftermath of Shuichi being shot by the Exisal is pretty bloody.
  • Bordering on Tear Jerker; At the end of the chapter when Kaede goes back down to the library and apologizes to Rantaro's dead corpse. So disturbing. It gets even more disturbing in the next chapter when we find out that she actually fell asleep next to the corpse, and Gonta ended up carrying her back to her bedroom.

Chapter II

  • In chapter 6, when Gonta's bloody, bile-soaked body is found in his own bathroom.
  • Kaede has a pretty gross nightmare about all the 'dead' students in chapter 7.
  • When it's revealed in chapter 8 that Gonta asphyxiated on his own throw-up.
  • Chapter 11, when Kaede has a flashback to her v3 execution as Tenko's being pulled up into the execution chamber in a near-identical way.
  • All of Tenko's execution:
    • She's forced to fight wooden replicas of Monokuma repeatedly until she tires out and can't handle anymore. By the time she finishes fighting, she's bruised and splintered all over and it's implied that she'd broken a few bones in the process.
    • After the fight is over, Himiko tries to climb over the mannequin pile to get to Tenko, but just as she reaches her, Tenko pushes her away, only to get painfully impaled in the neck by a metal spike and die instantly. Tenko's blood splatters all over Himiko's face and the dojo proceeds to collapse in on top of Tenko.

Chapter III

  • In chapter 15, Maki seizes Kaede by the neck in a fit of anger.
  • Korekiyo unravels one of his bandaged arms in chapter 16, revealing a series of gruesome looking scars. It's even more gruesome when it's revealed that he inflicted them himself, as a way of keeping count of how many 'friends' he's sent to his Sister so far.
  • After Rantaro is revived by Angie in chapter, Kaede keeps seeing him as his bloodied corpse from chapter 1 in brief memory flashes. The first of these happens in chapter 16.
  • Chapter 17's horrific reveal of Kiibo's decapitated body in Kirumi's research lab. Made even more disturbing when it's pointed out that all three of Kirumi's Victorian mannequins are also decapitated.
  • Kaede and Rantaro discovering each mannequin head outside the other research labs leading up to the fourth floor. Not only that, but each head has a letter of the alphabet written in blood on its forehead.
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  • The discovery of Kirumi's corpse in Angie's lab.
  • Finding Kaito's blood-stained body in the 1st floor girl's bathroom.
  • Although not too graphic, Angie's execution.
    • She's pinned to a totem pole crucifixion style.
    • A little while later, hot wax starts sticking itself to her bare skin.
  • The bloody trail inside the secret entrance Kaede accidently finds at the end of chapter 22.

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