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Nightmare Fuel / Facing the Future Series

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  • Sam's transformation into a half-ghost is implied to be just as painful as Danny's was. The narration even states that Jazz will never forget Sam's chilling scream.
  • Danny's True Ghost Form prior to getting control of it. Not only did it cause Danny to slowly become feral, but after using it for too long, the ecto energy would build up to the point where his body would burn out.
  • Nocturnes's plan for Danny and Sam in Hearts and Minds. Trapping them in a dream where they had no memory of each other was bad enough, but he actually attempted to steal all their dream energy and leave them trapped in a Deep Sleep.
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  • Vlad's Mind-Control Device: Some little tiny ring shaped device can be stuck behind your ear, where no one will see it. It will completely override your thoughts and turn you into a puppet. Then a ghost like Vlad can turn intangible, sneak up behind you, and put it there.
  • After capturing Danielle when she was protecting a deaged Danny and Sam, the Guys in White were planning to experiment on her. And she is (technically) ten. And they wanted to do the same with a deaged Danny and Sam, who were five.
  • What She Wants revealed that all of the teens in Sidney's ghost Casper High will be there forever. Sidney only gets out thanks to Desiree hearing him while on a wish-granting spree, allowing him to graduate. Now think of other students who are probably miserable like Sidney was and can't graduate...
    • Word of God likes to wonder if they are real ghost students or rather just extensions of Poindexter, much like the band Ember had in her first appearance.
  • In "Two For One", at the climax of Danny's Battle in the Center of the Mind with his ghost half, he reminds Ghost Danny that without his humanity, he'd be like Dark Danny, followed by a brutal scene in which Ghost Danny is trapped in the body of Dark Danny while watching helplessly as Dark Danny destroys mirrors representing the Fentons, Tucker and Valerie...and even Sam. Even without animation, the scene is written so well that it actually conjures the visuals in the reader's mind.
  • Burner's rampages in "Overheated". While he's only trying to defend his home, he nearly kills several innocent people.
    • After Burner chases off the people at Townsend's rally, he gets enraged enough to still attempt to tear the Salvage Yard down.