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Nightmare Fuel / Ignited Spark

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As is the case with all pages detailing Nightmare Fuel, Spoilers Off

  • The entire assault on the USJ. Good lord, the USJ.
    • The prelude to the USJ relies on building a good amount of tension. As the students head towards the bus, they spot the storm clouds above them, wondering where it was supposed to come from since the forecast said that it would be sunny. Once they actually get to the USJ, the storm begins in earnest, with the students surprised that the weather seems to be pushing them inside. It's a tension-building setup for what's to come, as readers knowing what's about to happen can practically see Nine's pretty much urging them inside the trap he's made.
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    • Once they're inside, Nine decides to set the mood as soon as Thirteen finishes her speech about the safe use of Quirks, using several bolts of lightning to cut the power to the building. And then Nine and his crew slowly make their way across Kurogiri's portals before Nine finishes the chapter with the following bone-chilling declaration.
      Nine: It doesn't matter, we went through the trouble of bringing our entire cabal to meet the Symbol of Peace personally, and that's what will happen. We needn't worry if he's running a little late ... he'll come as fast as he can when he hears the screams of the children.
    • While things were pretty scary in canon during this arc, the whole idea is a group of villains invading a school and ready to murder teenagers who are not even a week into the hero course, here it's arguably more horrifying. First, the Villain Consortium is led by a far more cold, calculating, and sociopathic mastermind than Shigaraki, with Nine far more shrewd and calculating, and has a crew composed of several competent villains, confirmed to have killed both Pro Heroes and villains alike in the past. And not only did they bring the Nomu with them, but Nine also brought Hood for good measure.
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    • Not to mention his use for the thugs he brought along. In canon, Shigaraki intended to use them to help him fight All Might. Here, Nine brings them along for one terrifying purpose: to take a syringe full of Trigger. Once they've taken them, they devolve into raving, monstrous beasts, unable to tell friend or foe apart as Kurogiri separates Class 1A and traps them with the monsters.
    • Chapter 16 is this on steroids. After Izuku refuses to take Nine's offer of peace, the villain decides to sic Hood onto Izuku to pass time until All Might arrives. Props to the author for writing an absolutely terrifying sequence, or more accurately, one-sided massacre, and giving Izuku a beatdown more brutal than anything he got in canon, at least until the PLF War arc. It's a miracle he is still alive by the end of the arc.
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  • Chapter 17 brings another horrifying twist: Turns out that Muscular has been used as a base body for Hood. Think about this. Two of the strongest, Ax-Crazy and bloodthirsty characters in the manga have been merged. And All for One reveals he is not even complete yet. God knows how much of a monstrosity it will be when the Doctor finishes upgrading it.
  • All For One is healthy. Who could be arguably the most powerful and deadly character of the series lacks his Drama-Preserving Handicap. And since it took All Might almost dying to stop his reign of terror years prior, and Itsuka just got One for All, is up to the readers to imagine how worse things will be when the villain decides to step out of the shadows.
  • By the end of chapter 18, Teko decides to go out for a walk to clear his thoughts. However, it’s revealed that he is actually going to meet with someone to get information about the Consortium. And who are the people he meets? Hekiji Tengai and Shin Nemoto, from the Shie Hassaikai. This means that Teko had, in the past, ties with the Yakuza, and raises questions about the old master's past, and makes a setup for dark secrets of the Kendo family.
  • While Chapter 19 is mostly lighthearted, the beginning is not so much. Izuku wakes up after cuddling with Itsuka and Ochako much to his embarrassment, and Ochako's tone suddenly becomes sultry and flirtatious. You would think that it would lead to some Erotic Dream from this... if Ochako did not suddenly become Hood, grab Izuku's head and start to squish it until it explodes, prompting a Catapult Nightmare. Needless to say, Izuku can't bring himself to sleep again after such a nightmare.
  • Also in Chapter 19, Nine and Slice's scene seems far tamer than when they first appeared - up until Slice seems to get cold feet about going after Class 1A again. Once she shows even the slightest hesitation, Nine turns the charm on, reminding her that he helped save her from her Dark and Troubled Past and how he helped her see the world as it truly was. It's truly meant to serve to show the views that Nine and Slice's relationship is a very dark mirror of Izuku and Ochako's own relationship, and seeing the depths of Nine's Manipulative Bastard tendencies.
  • After a relatively light-hearted Chapter 22, the ending of the chapter is extremely harrowing. Itsuka, walking by herself, runs into Eri, and soon discovers that she's about to be confronted by someone heavily implied to be Overhaul himself. What makes this even more terrifying is that, unlike Izuku who had Mirio with him, Itsuka is entirely on her own, and the street is even mentioned to be empty. Had Itsuka not trusted her senses and sprinted away with Eri as fast as she could, no doubt what would've happened if Overhaul got his hands on her ...
  • A bit of Fridge Horror. It's implied that Overhaul got a good look on Itsuka's face (something Midnight lampshades in the following chapter) and the Sports Festival will happen very soon. And to make things worse, Itsuka will make the opening speech. Even if Eri is moved to a safe location like U.A., as soon as she appears on screen, Overhaul will know who is the person that took Eri and he might want to go after her for pure spite. And maybe not even Teko's friendship with the Boss will protect her against the capo's anger.
  • While Overhaul's abuse towards Eri is not a surprise, there is something especially morbid about Eri's choice of words when she describes the Mad Scientist experiments on her:
    Eri: He … he has a long pointy mouth, he never takes it off unless - unless he has to look into me. And - and then he wears a mask when he does that."
  • Everyone is quick to pick the words "Look into me." The way it draws parallels between this and sexual abuse is very surreal.
  • Chapter 23 ends on a rather disturbing note. Remember when Camie met Izuku and Nejire in the previous chapter? Turns out it wasn't a coincidence for her to meet them there. Camie is the newest recruit of the Villain Consortium and her first assignment is to track down all students from Class 1-A, which she succeeds. By the end of the chapter she and by extension, the Consortium, has a complete list of the addresses, routines, all of it. Nine was dead serious when he all students his personal enemies and one can only fear when he decides to act on it.
  • In the following note, the Consortium now has a girl capable of casting hyper-realistic illusions on their crew. As if they weren't dangerous enough on their own. Not to mention Camie's infatuation with both Izuku and Nejire, which bears a disturbing resemblance to Himiko's interest in Izuku and Ochako in canon.